Vampire Trouble

Vampire Trouble by Sara Humphreys

Book: Vampire Trouble by Sara Humphreys Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sara Humphreys
information through the dancer and had only spoken with Horace tonight. But based on the body language, these two men knew each other and had met before. There was a comfort level between the two that left Shane with a strong sense of wariness.
    Rat gestured toward the VIP table, and the pack followed him over. Viola, the redhead who set up the table, ran over and practically jumped on the tallest fellow at the back of the group. He greeted her, but not with the warmth of a lover, and when she hugged him, the man locked eyes with Shane. He released the girl and whispered something to Horace. Knowing he’d been made as a vampire, Shane tilted his head and raised his beer bottle. Horace remained stone-faced and turned his attention back to the group at his table.
    A few moments later, the lights flickered, music blared, and a young woman took the stage.
    As the evening wore on, the wolves ordered copious amounts of alcohol and were clearly getting wasted. The night was proving to be even more aggravating, because Maya had started coming out from behind the bar and hand-delivering the drinks to the VIP table.
    Much to Shane’s chagrin, Horace had begun paying more attention to Maya than the women who were taking off their clothes. He couldn’t really blame the wolf. Maya was beautiful, and every sexy inch of her was accentuated by the miniscule dress and sky-high heels she wore. Her legs seemed to go on forever.
    What are you doing? Edged with obvious irritation, Shane’s voice touched Maya’s mind sharply. You are supposed to be tending bar, not catering to this pack of animals.
    I’m working, and Rat asked me to do it. Placing a drink in front of Horace, she kept speaking with him. It’s not a big deal. Just relax.
    Shane was about to respond, but when he saw Horace’s hand find its way to Maya’s ass, any restraint he’d been showing dissolved in a blink. Rising from the table with a growl rumbling in his chest, he swiftly closed the distance between himself and the wolves. If any humans in the club noticed the blinding speed with which he crossed the room, they gave no indication, and even though Shane knew it was risky, he couldn’t help himself.
    The five members of Horace’s pack instantly rose to their feet, and Shane could feel the growls that reverberated in their chests. The sound sent his sonar-like senses off the charts, and though no human could hear it, it sounded to him like freight trains rumbling through the club. Maya must have heard it too, because she looked at the wolves with some of that healthy fear Shane was hoping to see.
    â€œExcuse me, gentlemen.” Shane kept his voice even, his hands at his sides, and his eyes on Horace. “I need to speak with Maya for a moment.”
    â€œShe’s busy,” Horace said, leering. He tugged Maya closer and squeezed her backside. “I’m just getting started with this one.”
    Shane let his fangs erupt, not caring if a human saw. Just when he thought he’d lose all self-control and start a bloodbath in the middle of the club, Maya’s sweet voice swept between them.
    â€œNow, now,” she sang. Maya placed one hand on Shane’s shoulder and reached around with the other to grasp Horace’s hand and pull it gently but insistently off her butt. “I’m flattered by all this male posturing, but let’s not make a big scene in front of all these nice humans.”
    â€œI would never argue with a lady.” Shane retracted his fangs and glanced at Maya. “I do need to speak with her privately, if you gentlemen don’t mind.”
    Bullshit. Maya’s lilting laugh filled his head. I feel like all you do is argue with me.
    â€œDon’t keep her away too long.” Raising Maya’s hand to his lips, Horace kept his gaze locked with Shane and kissed her fingers. “I have a feeling this one is special.”
    Seconds later, a bevy of half-naked dancers

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