Vampire: Desire of Blood (Desires of Blood Book 1)

Vampire: Desire of Blood (Desires of Blood Book 1) by Ethan Radcliff

Book: Vampire: Desire of Blood (Desires of Blood Book 1) by Ethan Radcliff Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ethan Radcliff
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    V A M P I R E

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    Desires of Blood
    Book I
    Ethan Radcliff

Love Conquers
    In the darkness of night
    A fearful heart takes flight
    A swift change of body part
    A frozen frightful heart
    Lurking in the deep evergreens
    A way and terrible means
    A creature of evil and death
    Nothing like you've ever met
    She ran far never stopping to see
    Who or what wanted her blood
    She knew she had to break free
    Yet before her there it stood
    Her heart a blaze with fear
    Its need obvious as it neared
    Inside she saw its suffering
    Her heart now soft and buffering
    He transformed before her eyes
    A man and that was no surprise
    One she loved now understood
    His creature no longer under a hood
    In his arms she ran and cleaved
    Her man her creature not deceived
    Not all you see is, as it seems
    Love conquers when it has a means
    Ethan Radcliff 2014

    Chapter One
    Present Day
    Beth Ann
    “Royce baby get me my robe, I hate walking around naked,” Beth Ann said walking slowly before him making sure he didn’t miss a jiggle or a curve. As always, her sexy little actions brought a huge smile to his face.
    Royce Bellamy rose from the bed, his naked body a magnificent display of sinew and muscle. The muscles in

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