Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series
voice husky and menacing.
    Chevalier clicked the little phone shut and it snapped in half in his hands. He dropped it into a nearby dumpster and laughed, then growled with triumph and appeared beside the Bugatti instantly. He climbed inside and spun the tires, rushing toward Maine at almost 190 mph.
    Chevalier glanced in his rear-view mirror. The car behind him matched his speed and was close to his bumper. He frowned and pushed the engine up to 210 mph, quickly passing any car that came in his path. The car behind his kept up and the dark windows hid the driver.
    Chevalier slammed hard on the brakes as a black Suburban appeared ahead of him, heading straight for him. The impact between the Suburban and the Bugatti was tremendous. Chevalier flew out of the car as it rolled down an embankment. Parts from both cars were intermingled and strewn around a mile in every direction. He got to his knees slowly, feeling broken bones throughout his body. Chevalier looked up just as a shock of electricity flew through his body and his world was engulfed in darkness.
    “Wake up,” a harsh voice sounded through the dark and someone dumped a bucket of cold water over Chevalier.
    Chevalier looked up and tried to stand, but he was restrained. He angrily looked at the owner of the voice.
    “It’s about time.” The voice belonged to Sotomar, one of the eldest Valle Elders.
    “What did you do?” he hissed at Sotomar, testing his bindings. He didn’t seem to be able to break them easily.
    “You can’t break those… trust me… we’ve taken all precautions,” Sotomar said proudly.
    Chevalier glared icily at the enemy Elder.
    “Oh don’t act so surprised. You didn’t think we’d let you get away after what you did to our city?” Sotomar pulled up a chair and sat down, facing Chevalier.
    “Let me go,” Chevalier demanded.
    “No,” he said, grinning.
    “What is it you want?” Chevalier’s hands worked quickly behind his body where they were bound. He tried to find some way to free himself.
    “You know what we want, but you’ll do for now.” He smiled pleasantly.
    “This is all about Emily, again?” Chevalier asked, irritated.
    “Of course. You are in possession of one of the greatest weapons ever to cross the heku. We only want our share.” He grinned as Chevalier’s eyes darkened.
    “You want your share?” he asked.
    “It’s obvious, isn’t it? Soon you will have two of the Winchesters, not fair as far as we can see.” Sotomar raised an eyebrow.
    “Keep me then, it won’t help you get Emily.” Chevalier relaxed some. He would need to find a way to free himself later.
    “Oh, we learned a lot about her the few precious weeks we had her. She has a temper, and she’s stubborn. If she thinks she can save you, she’ll come right to us.”
    Chevalier froze, the enemy Elder was right. He hissed slightly and pulled at the chains.
    “I’m sure you think your Elders will send someone to get you… we don’t really think that’s going to happen. We’re sure they will be glad to get rid of you. You are a liability, falling in love with a mortal.” Sotomar sat back comfortably in his chair.
    “Emily is well protected. They won’t let her risk her life to come and get me,” Chevalier growled.
    “Oh yes, she is, isn’t she? Kyle is a problem. We’ve had to take precautions against him. However, David’s not a problem. You honestly think someone that well-spoken and educated would be an Encala? It was so convenient when you released him. It’s too bad you never fully trusted him, though. It would have made this all unnecessary if you allowed him to guard Emily alone.”
    Chevalier sat still and watched the Valle.
    “Our problem was that we can’t kill you. She would know instantly if we did that… that essence ring has been making things more difficult. So how to keep you alive yet restrained? Not an easy task, I tell you, not one of the ‘old ones’. Then we figured it out, and… well… here we

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