Unleashed by Crystal Jordan

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Authors: Crystal Jordan
with her mates was for her. She craved it so much, despite the pain she knew was inevitable.
    If his thrusts were swift and deep, his kiss was a shocking, arousing contrast. He brushed his lips over hers, tender and sweet enough that tears stung her eyes. She blinked them back, refusing to give in. Sex was one thing, but she offered nothing more to either of her mates. She couldn’t. Down that road lay madness and death, an end to everything that made her who and what she was.
    Shoving her tongue into his mouth, she turned the kiss into something animalistic, purely carnal. They nipped at each other with their fangs, and she tasted blood. His or hers, she didn’t know, but it made the wildness within her claw for freedom. Kienan plunged into her pussy, his hips picking up a faster pace that had her moaning with each powerful thrust. She squeezed the walls of her sex around his dick, and he choked on a groan, his fingers biting into her hips as they moved together in perfect sync, racing each other for orgasm.
    She cinched her legs around his waist, holding him close and reveling in the feel of his big body sliding against hers. The light hair on his chest chafed nipples his mouth had already sensitized, and it was exquisite pleasured-pain. The discomfort only revved her up more. Climax beckoned, her muscles tightening with every movement they made.
    His breath rushed against her cheek, his lungs bellowing. “You could have this forever, Gea, if you’d just let us in.”
    No, she couldn’t. Everything in her wanted it, but she could not do that. She shook her head, opened her mouth to deny him. But he plunged inside her, ground his pelvis against her clit, and orgasm hit her in a tsunami wave, dragged her under, and she had no choice but to feel everything. Her pussy clenched around his cock, milking the length of him.
    An animalistic scream wrenched up from within her, her body bowing as pleasure rocketed through her, frying her systems. He fucked her hard, pounding inside her, dragging out her climax until she couldn’t stand it any longer. Aftershocks pulsed through her, and she dropped her forehead to his chest, gasping for breath, her heart galloping.
    Reality returned by degrees, and she realized Kienan was still thick and hard inside of her. She blinked her eyes open, saw his features were taut with unspent lust, his claws digging into her hips.
    â€œYou didn’t come?” It was a stupid question, but it was the best her scattered wits could come up with.
    â€œNot yet. If this is all I get, I want to make it last as long as I can.” He nipped at the sensitive spot at the base of her throat, sending a shiver through her. “And I want to make you come again.”

    D eus, she was beautiful.
    Flushed with satisfaction, her lips swollen from his kisses, her sex hot and slick around his. Kienan held on to his control by the thinnest thread of mercurite.
    Trailing kisses down her neck, he pressed her backward until she was spread out like a feast before him on her desk. He liked that thought and couldn’t stop the wicked grin that formed on his lips. He leaned back a bit, wanting to see all of her, every naked centimeter. Yes, beautiful. Her pale hair fanned around her, a sharp contrast to the dark wood. He palmed the roundness of her hips, moved to her waist, slid his fingers up her soft, soft skin, and cupped her breasts in his hands.
    She moaned, arched her torso, and forced his cock deeper inside of her. Lust pounded through him and he shuddered. It took every ounce of his restraint not to fuck her hard and fast until he came inside her. He wanted more from her, wanted to wring another orgasm or two out of her before he let her up. He squeezed her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. They tightened for him, stabbing into his hands. He pinched them, flicking his talons over the beaded crests, and he watched her lust reawaken. The scent of her desire filled his

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