apart over me. I joined her.
    She collapsed on top of me, breathless. I held her close.  This was possibly the most mind blowing, intimate sex I have ever had.
    We held each other for a few more minutes before our breathing became even.  I slid out of bed to go to clean up before rejoining her.  As soon as I got back into the bed I pulled her right back where I wanted her, on top of me.  The same place she slept the last time we shared a bed.  Her head was resting in the middle of my chest, her legs between mine, right where she belonged.
    We laid quietly for a while, her breath tickling my chest, while I ran my fingers through her long locks.  Her hair felt like silk between my fingers.
    “Pru,” I said softly no t sure if she was still awake.  If she wasn’t I didn’t want to wake her.
    “Hmmm,” she hummed against my chest.
    “You still awake?” I asked.
    “Very much so,” she said quietly and gently kissed my chest.
    “You aren’t going to run out on me again in the morning are you?” I asked.  I was more than a little afraid that she’d take off on me, not because of the razing I’d have to have to suffer through if she took off with a parting comment like it was lovely again but I didn’t want to lose her.  It scared the crap out of me.  I shouldn’t care.  I didn’t know much about her.  I shouldn’t feel this connection with her but I did.
    I was overcome with a panicky feeling when I thought of her walking away from me.  I shouldn’t especially since I barely knew her but I planned to change that.  I wanted to get to know her better.  It was a first for me.  I wanted to keep her and that was something I’d never wanted before.
    She smiled against my chest and mine tightened .  “I wasn’t planning on it,” she admitted.
    “Good.”  We were quiet for a minute.  “It was better than just lovely right?” I asked a smile tugging at my lips.  If she said no then I was going to have to prove to her just how lovely sex together really was.
    “Yeah, much better then lovely,” she said softly.  I could see her start to blush.  “Last time was much better than just lovely as well,” she added quietly.  “You’ve gotten a lot of grief about my comment haven’t you?” she asked as she snuggled in deeper on me.
    This position should be horribly awkward but it wasn’t.
    “Oh yeah.”
    “Sorry.”  I shrugged.  She couldn’t see it but she could feel it.  “So tell me something about yourself Prudence Kennedy Thompson.”  I needed to know more about this girl.
    “ Ummmm…. I go to Sac State,” she finally shared with me.  I already knew she went to school but I didn’t know any details.  She seemed a little hesitate to open up with me. Wonder why?  “I graduate in May and have a job already lined up to be a teacher downtown,” she explained.
    I was impressed.  “Have you always wanted to be a teacher?”
    “I don’t know.  I was supposed to be a doctor but I hate science.  I like kids.  I’m good with them.”  I ran my fingers through her hair again, brushing it away from her face.  How was someone supposed to be a doctor?  That was an odd comment.
    “How were you supposed to be a doctor?”
    “It’s my parent’s lifelong dream.  I enrolled as pre-med right after high school.  After one semester it was clear that it wasn’t going to work out so I changed my major to teaching.”
    “What grade?”
    “I got a job teaching kindergarten,” she explained.  “But my degree covers up through junior high.”  I could imagine her teaching kindergarten.
    “I’m impressed.”  I could feel her smile against my chest even though I couldn’t see her face too well.
    “What about you?”
    “Well, I never went to college.  I barely made it through high school.  Books really aren’t my thing.  At one point I wanted to be an artist but I didn’t see that really going anywhere.  Then I discovered tattooing, did an apprenticeship, got

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