Two Roped and Ready [Bewitching Desires 6] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

Two Roped and Ready [Bewitching Desires 6] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour) by Mellanie Szereto

Book: Two Roped and Ready [Bewitching Desires 6] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour) by Mellanie Szereto Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mellanie Szereto
Tags: Romance
catching up to him. “You willing to go up against a houseful of witches to stay?”
    “Absolutely. I’ll take on that bastard who poisoned her if I have to. She’s ours, and we’re hers. Forever.” Quayde nuzzled her cheek. “Right, darlin’?”
    Holding his breath, PC silently begged for her to answer with a resounding “yes,” but her chest only rose and fell in slow, measured rhythm. Her eyelids didn’t twitch, and her hand still refused to tighten around his. She’d claimed him and Quayde a split second before he’d exploded inside her a hundred seventy-five years ago. That would have to suffice for now.

Chapter 10
    A week of not riding and shoveling horse manure had Quayde so restless he’d spent half the morning lifting weights and jogging on the treadmill Amalric and Ranulf had brought to the apartment. Knowing that today marked the end of Ilona’s fertility cycle didn’t help.
    The third-quarter moon would rise at midnight, and his and PC’s shot at joining and making children with her would end until seven years passed. Romána hadn’t mentioned their predicament during her daily visit to Ilona. She’d only positioned herself at the foot of the bed, her wrinkled hands resting on top of covers. The old woman’s hair had faded a little more each day, changing from the silvery gray Quayde had noticed in the window’s reflection that first night in the Macska mansion to stark white. Her spine still held her straight, but she’d aged at least a decade in a matter of days.
    Turning off the shower faucet, he grabbed his towel and dried the water from his skin. Ilona might not be conscious to smell his sweat, but he wasn’t about to climb into bed with her stinking to high heaven. With the towel wrapped low on his waist, he ran a comb through his damp hair and swiped on some deodorant before walking out of the bathroom.
    He dropped his makeshift kilt as he reached the bed. “Anything, Pax?”
    From his place on the other side of Ilona, PC shook his head and sighed. “No change.”
    Quayde slipped between the sheets to lie next to her. Pressing his lips to her forehead, he breathed in the familiar scent of eucalyptus and warm candle wax. “We’re with you, darlin’. Nothing and nobody can make us leave you.”
    “I reminded her what day it is.” PC’s voice cracked as he spoke, revealing the same ache living in Quayde’s soul.
    “Doesn’t matter. I’m staying.” He gathered her hand in his, tears stinging his eyes. “I love you, Ilona. I’ll be right here with you until I take my last breath.”
    “I’m making my vow to her now, Quayde. Who needs a ceremony?” Lifting his palm to her cheek, PC cleared his throat. “I love you, Ilona, and I pledge my heart and my life to you. Forever.”
    The long seconds of silence became minutes, the minutes an hour. His hope for her miraculous recovery wasn’t realized, but Quayde had no intention of giving up. He and PC would share more of their past with her while she slept. They’d already told her about the less-than-perfect childhood they’d endured and their desire to provide a better home life for their children. Admitting that she’d been the first woman either of them had sex with had been easier when their audience only listened.
    Quayde rolled to his side, studying the graceful line of her jaw. “I’m glad I waited for you, darlin’. I can’t wait to teach our children how to ride and take care of the horses. Jolán says your family has half a dozen mares out in the barn. PC and I trained ranch horses before we got sent to Encanto.”
    His fingers combing through her hair, PC leaned in the touch his lips to her forehead. “You suppose we’ll ever find out who took us into the past? Not that I’m complaining. We lost our jobs when the rancher sold out to a big conglomerate, and every minute of that month in history was worth meeting the woman I adore.”
    A knock sounded at the outer door before it opened and closed. “Hi,

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