Twisted Obsessions (SIN CITY HEAT SERIES Book 2)

Twisted Obsessions (SIN CITY HEAT SERIES Book 2) by K. S. Page B

Book: Twisted Obsessions (SIN CITY HEAT SERIES Book 2) by K. S. Read Free Book Online
Authors: K. S.
view of the entrance, and once Paula arrived he’d be able to see her right away. Picking up his glass, he sipped on his whiskey as he waited.
         Not soon after, he spotted her and a group of her friends. His face frowned up in intense dislike as he thought about how she was trying to ruin his life while all the while laughing and drinking with her girlfriends as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Biding his time, he sat back and waited.
     When Marcus saw Paula get up and go to the restroom, he took that as his cue and went over to the bar. He hunkered down on a stool which would put him directly in her path when she came out. Several minutes later, he saw her walking his way.
         Once she was close enough to notice him, he yelled to the bartender to bring him another shot, intentionally slurring his words and swaying on the stool. He put his head down and hunched his shoulders, looking dejected and defeated.
         Paula slowed down as she passed behind him. Marcus threw the shot back in one swallow. His hands slammed against the top surface of the bar as he stood up then slightly swayed, almost falling to the floor.
         Marcus turned around when he heard her call his name. He focused on her and plastered a smile on his face. “Well…look who’s here. Nurse Paula.” His upper lip lifted in an insulting sneer. When he went to take a step towards her, he drunkenly tripped.
         Paula automatically grabbed him around the waist to hold him up. “Marcus! Are you okay?”
         Marcus let out a loud laugh. “Am I okay? Oh yeah, I’m fucking great! C ouldn’t be better - thanks to you.” He pushed away from her and started digging in his pockets. “Where in the hell are my keys?”
         Paula’s expression was wary and anxious. “Marcus. You can’t be driving home in your condition…”
         “Whatdoyoucare….?” Marcus slurred and squinted at his keys as if trying to remember which one was the car key. “Don’t pretend you care about me Paula…”
         “Marcus you know I care.” Paula’s eyes were nervous as they skittered up to his. She glanced at the table where her friends were sitting and then back at Marcus. As if coming to a decision, she pushed him backwards to sit down on the stool. “I’m going to drive you home. I’ll get one of my girlfriends to come behind us to pick me up. Wait here, I’ll be right back.” She took the keys out of his hand before she walked off. “I’ll hold on to these for now.”
     Marcus watched while Paula went back to her table to whisper something to her girlfriends. His smile was sinister and calculating.
         Stupid bitch .

     Paula pulled up into Marcus’ driveway and turned off the ignition. Marcus' seat was in the reclining position while he pretended to be asleep. Paula’s eyes ran over his handsome face before traveling over his body. Her breathing quickened when memories surfaced of the times they’d had sex. Years later, he was still the best she’d ever had. She’d tried to get over him with different men, but each one paled in comparison to Marcus.
     When he stirred and opened his eyes, Paula melted. She’d always loved the color of his eyes. They reminded her of warm cognac.
         “Where are we?” Marcus sat up and looked around.
     “We’re at your house. Wait, let me help you out.” Paula opened her door and rushed around to Marcus’ side. Once he stepped out, she let him lean on her while they went up the walkway.
         “I’m too heavy for you,” Marcus protested.
     “No, you’re fine. I’m okay.”
         Paula fiddled around with his keys when they got to the front door and finally managed to find the right one. Marcus walked in and went straight to the couch. He threw himself down on it and leaned back to watch her from underneath heavy lids. Paula tentatively came closer, looking nervous and

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