Twisted Obsessions (SIN CITY HEAT SERIES Book 2)

Twisted Obsessions (SIN CITY HEAT SERIES Book 2) by K. S.

Book: Twisted Obsessions (SIN CITY HEAT SERIES Book 2) by K. S. Read Free Book Online
Authors: K. S.
both slowly to tease and tantalize her until she teetered on the brink of ecstasy before pulling her back. He’d lost count of the number orgasms she’d had tonight, and he wanted this one to last.
         “Marcus, please, baby. I was about to cum….” Aleesha took a gasping breath.
         Marcus chuckled. “I know. I don’t want you to cum yet.” Aleesha whined as she looked over her shoulder at him. “You know I love you, right?” Marcus whispered to her while his dickhead played in her wetness.
     “Yes, baby.” Aleesha moaned as she tried to push back up on him.
         He softly laughed and moved just out of reach before rubbing the tip along her opening again.
     “And you know I’d do anything for you - don’t you?”

     “Yes! And right now I want you to fuck me!” Leesha impatiently rose up.
         “Uh-Uh….“ Marcus placed his hand on the small of her back and firmly pushed her down. “You know how I want it….”Aleesha made a noise of frustration, but lowered her upper body back down.  
     “What’s wrong?” Marcus asked as he slipped the tip in again. “You not feelin’ this?” He smiled and impaled himself inside of her a few more inches.
     Aleesha closed her eyes. She felt faint from the delicious erotic teasing. “I swear to God, I’ve never been with anyone like you,” she whispered. “No one has ever made me feel as good as you do. Never fucked me the way you fuck me.”
     Hearing her state the words with such sexy conviction drew out a low, masculine sound of satisfaction from Marcus. He plunged deep, unable to delay her pleasure any longer because to do so would be to deny his own. In a hoarse voice, he told her how good she felt, how snug her pussy fit around him.
     Aleesha begged him not to stop, but she didn’t need to do that. Marcus had no intention of stopping. He fucked her deeper…faster...harder. With each powerful stroke her breasts bobbed and her nipples brushed against the silk sheets beneath her. The sensation brought her arousal to a new level. Aleesha tightened the muscles in her vagina, clamping down on his shaft to put it on lockdown. The exercises she’d religiously done with her ben wahl balls were paying off if Marcus’ guttural grunts were any indication.
     She kept squeezing, effortlessly creating a tight suction that made him shake every time he pulled out. As he went deeper, Aleesha bit the pillow to muffle her loud moans of pleasure. Her fingers curled around the sheets as she tore them off the bed. She swore to God, if she died now she would die a happy woman. Her screams reached a fevered pitch when her feminine walls trembled and collapsed in a massive explosion. The stimulation triggered Marcus' own orgasm. He held her hips tight as he firmly planted his dick in her pussy and spilled his seed into her waiting receptacle.
     “ Leesha! Leeshaaa…shit!” Aleesha continued to use her inner muscles to milk every drop of cum from his throbbing shaft.
         Afterwards, they both collapsed on their backs, gasping for air as they tried to catch their breaths. ‘I swear…the sex between us…just gets better and better,” Marcus managed to hoarsely spit out in between rapid puffs of air.
         Aleesha crawled over to him and dropped her head on his chest as her arm circled his waist. A feeling of satisfaction washed over her at his words. “Love you.”
     “I love you too, Aleesha.” Marcus kissed the top of her head and lifted up a bit to glance at the clock on the nightstand. “You’d better try to get a little sleep. We have to be up in about three hours to make it to the airport.”
         Aleesha stretched and kissed her way down his stomach. “I can always sleep later…”
     Marcus smiled as he lay back and let her do her thing.
         At the airport, Aleesha and Keisha’s flight had just been called. Keisha gave

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