Turned and Taken (Packed 1 & 2)

Turned and Taken (Packed 1 & 2) by Alex Anders

Book: Turned and Taken (Packed 1 & 2) by Alex Anders Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alex Anders
regret later. You know it,” Lane barked at the dark Lycan.
    Scully sat back down, yielding to Lane. Saki, disappointed, gave Scully a come hither look, teasing him. Scully looked up at Lane challengingly, and Lane growled viciously back. Yielding, Scully turned when Torque ‘s naked body pressed against his arm.
    “I won’t regret it,” she said sliding her small hand up the inside of his thigh.
    Scully took a deep breath, feeling his heart race, and then in one move, grabbed her arm, pushed her to the ground, and rolled on top of her. Scully looked Torque  in the eyes, giving her a feral growl. When she growled back, he grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard.
    Saki watched Scully thrust his tongue into Torque ‘s mouth. She had never seen such a passionate kiss before. As he moved his hand to her breast, Saki lifted her hand to hers.
    She watched every move as Scully first ground his hard cock against her swollen labia and then pushed her knees into the air, positioning himself to penetrate her. Breathing hard, Saki moved her free hand to the folds between her legs. She had never seen sex close-up before. She wanted to be Torque . Slipping the tip of her finger into her wet vagina, streaks of pleasure shot through her body.
    Scully‘s cock pushed into Torque ‘s bald pussy, forcing her chest into the air. Torque  moaned with unadulterated pleasure. As his thrusts grew in intensity, so did the way that she thrashed her body from side to side.
    Saki, pressing harder on her swollen clit, looked around at the other boys in desperation for relief. Lane was staring at the two, stunned. He slowly glided his palm up and down his long cock, and with him still not coming to her rescue, she looked at the other two boys.
    Saki knew that the small white-skinned boy would never challenge Lane. But the other one, the milk chocolate one, if she could get his attention, perhaps he would take on Lane.
    “Hey,” she said in a whisper staring straight at him.
    Holding his cock in his hand, he looked up at her and swallowed. He wanted Saki desperately; she could tell. When moved toward her, Saki thought that she would find her release.
    “Ben! Hey!” Lane barked at the boy, slowing him down but not stopping him.
    Saki didn’t want to take her eyes off of him in fear that he would lose his courage and back away. But she heard Lane moving. When he growled, Ben’s attention clearly shifted from her to the two fucking on the soft ground in front of the fire. Slowly, he got onto the ground next to the two. Saki watched as he slid his body next to theirs and cupped Torque ‘s breast while staring into Scully‘s eyes.
    Continuing to fuck, Torque  looked like an animal. Scully, with his focus on Ben, grabbed his neck and growled inches from his face. Ben didn’t retreat. Instead, he held his position, massaging Torque ‘s breast.
    Scully scanned Ben‘s face for any challenge to his authority. He found none. Shifting his expression from defense to dominance, he roughly rubbed Ben‘s jaw. Ben gave no resistance. So, smiling, Scully leaned down, pried Ben‘s mouth open, and kissed him.
    Saki watched in shock. Her breathed more deeply, applying harder pressure to her clit. She made one more hopeful look back at Lane, only to see him get up and walk away. With him gone, she looked at the other boy, but he made no attempt to do anything other than vigorously stroke his cock.
    Knowing that any release she received would be on her own, she pinched her nipple between her fingertips while almost forcing her clit back into her body. She strummed her bean quickly, causing her legs to stretch.
    When Saki saw Scully pull himself out of Torque  to let Ben inside, she thought that she would lose it. Ben slipped himself into the girl’s soft flesh with a moan. While Ben pulled out and thrust back in twice, Scully moved behind Ben and put his hand on the smaller boy’s shoulders. Scully pushed is hard cock into Ben’s ass, whipping

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