Trouble with a Badge

Trouble with a Badge by Delores Fossen

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Authors: Delores Fossen
the end of Marcos’s finger jab. “You’ll soon find out. Do you think I’ll just let this slide?” His voice got louder with each word. “Do you think there won’t be payback?”
    Levi wanted to move Alexa out of the way, but she held her ground even when Marcos started toward her. He didn’t get far, and this time it wasn’t Jericho who intervened. It was the lawyer. He latched on to his client’s arm.
    â€œWe should be going now ,” the lawyer warned Marcos. The man looked at Jericho. “Call me if you’re filing new charges against my client.”
    Marcos obviously wanted to hold his ground, but the lawyer was persistent and finally got him moving toward the front door. Levi didn’t do anything to slow them down because he wanted Marcos far away from Alexa and Violet. Of course, because of the upcoming trial he couldn’t keep Marcos away from Alexa forever, but at the moment he wished he could do just that.
    Now he was feeling protective of her. Not a good combination with the attraction. And worse, Levi figured it was only a matter of time before Alexa, he or both of them acted on that attraction.
    Marcos shot them all one last glare before his lawyer manhandled him out of the door. As soon as they were outside, Marcos threw off the lawyer’s grip with far more force than necessary. And then Marcos punched him.
    â€œLook, he’s having a temper tantrum,” Jericho joked.
    The lawyer rubbed his jaw, dodged another punch and wrestled Marcos into the limo waiting just outside the door. Too bad Marcos hadn’t let that temper fly and assaulted Levi. But Levi figured there was no way the lawyer would have let that happen.
    â€œAre you okay?” Levi asked Alexa.
    She nodded. But it was a lie. Alexa was shaken and rightfully so. Marcos had just threatened all of them, and the threat wasn’t over unless they could figure out how to tie Marcos to the recent attacks.
    â€œI’ll check on Violet,” she said, turning in that direction.
    However, she didn’t get far before the front door opened again. Levi automatically drew his gun in case Marcos had decided to act on his threat right here, right now.
    But it wasn’t Marcos.
    It was Scottie.
    Scottie didn’t have a weapon visible, but he was still wearing that bulky coat. He also had an envelope in his left hand.
    Levi so wasn’t in the mood to deal with another fool right now, but he had asked Scottie to bring in the so-called evidence he claimed to have. Still, the timing sucked.
    â€œWait in Jericho’s office,” Levi told Alexa.
    But Scottie had already gotten a good look at her. His expression was pleasant enough. Until it landed on Alexa.
    â€œThe lady PI,” Scottie said, and it wasn’t a friendly greeting. “Finally we meet.”
    â€œFormer PI,” Alexa clarified. She sounded a lot steadier than Levi knew she was. “What did you do to Tasha?”
    Scottie held up his hands. “Nothing. I’m here to find out what you did to her. Did you convince Tasha to hide from me?” He didn’t give Alexa even a second to answer before he continued, “If so, tell me where she is.”
    Levi had heard more than enough. He holstered his gun and went closer to Scottie so he could frisk him. No gun. Of course, Scottie could have left it in his car since he must have known he’d be searched.
    â€œThis isn’t a good time to test my patience,” Levi warned him. “Now, unless you’ve got something for me, then you’re about to be under arrest for withholding evidence, obstruction of justice, trespassing at the ranch and any other charge I can come up with.”
    That got Scottie’s glare off Alexa and on Levi. Good. Now, maybe she’d go into the office with the baby so he could finish up with Scottie.
    â€œYou have no grounds to arrest me,” Scottie said once he got his jaw unclenched.

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