Trouble Trail

Trouble Trail by J. T. Edson

Book: Trouble Trail by J. T. Edson Read Free Book Online
Authors: J. T. Edson
Tags: Western
knocked the girl off balance just as Olga gave a heave. Lurching up, Olga reversed the position by diving on to the dazed Calamity.
    Shoving Eileen backwards, Molly was about to attack when she saw Olga knelt on Calamity, one knee on the red-head’s belly and a hand dragging her head up to be hit. Dazedly, Calamity saw what was coming and waited for the end. The blow never came. Instead Olga suddenly let out a screech and jerked backwards, dragged by the double handful of hair Molly held.
    Freed from Olga. Calamity started to rise, saw Eileen rushing forward and tackled her around the waist. Down they went and for a couple of minutes got a whole belly-full of dislike out of their systems. Give Boston her due, Calamity thought as they thrashed over and over fighting, she had sand to burn and could sure fight. Nothing fancy mind, but she packed a mean slap, could punch, kick, yank hair and use her knees as good as many a saloon-girl who had had the advantages of a correct upbringing in such matters.
    However, Back Bay social life did not compare with western freighting as a training ground for a fight and Calamity would have finished Eileen off had she not seen that Molly needed help.
    At first Molly’s speedy, furious attack prevented Olga from doing anything effective, but weight and strength were on the fat blonde’s side. With a heave, Olga threw Molly backwards and started after her. Pure instinct caused Olga to put up her fists boxing style and Calamity knew Molly would stand no chance once Olga started slugging. Leaving Eileen with a slap that knocked her staggering, Calamity headed towards Olga. Linking her fingers, Calamity slugged the fat blonde behind the neck and knocked her sprawling by Molly, then followed to bound on to Olga’s back and bring her down.
    Calamity had expected that after the roughing-up Eileen received, the brunette would be only too pleased to get away. Not so. Eileen managed to rise and staggered after Calamity, then swerved and re-tangled with Molly.
    Just how it happened none of them would ever know; but Molly caught Eileen by the wrist and swung the girl, meaning to throw her. Instead, Molly retained her hold, swinging right round in a circle, making Eileen stagger on the end of her arms. Once more Molly swung the gasping Eileen around and the sigh gave Calamity an idea. She and Olga were struggling weakly on their feet and she caught the blonde’s wrist then heaved her around in a circle, going the opposite way to Molly.
    Gasping in saw-scraping croaks, Molly brought Eileen around again, just missing Olga’s swinging body in passing. Calamity moved a step closer and the two bodies swung towards each other. Olga’s squeal of fear mingled with Eileen’s wail of exhausted realisation and merged in a thud as they collided. On the impact between Back Bay, Boston, and Lower Eastside, New York—from which sprawling slum area Olga originated—New York came off slightly the better. Eileen went down, collapsing backwards and dragging the little blonde after her, Molly falling over Eileen’s body and lying across it. Olga sank to her knees and Calamity threw a punch that caught the fat blonde’s ear and draped her across Molly. Then Calamity staggered and collapsed, falling face down over Olga.
    Back Bay socialite, New England schoolmarm, New York lady pugilist and western female freighter lay in a pile on the ground. A philosopher once said that war was a great leveller and from the look of the girls he spoke the truth.
    Almost a minute passed before any of the girls showed any sign of getting up. Apart from a little involuntary movement of arms and legs, they lay still, until as last Calamity levered herself on to her knees, then managed to rise. Looking down, she saw Molly weakly attempting to rise but falling due to the weight on top of her. Reaching down. Calamity gripped the still motionless Olga’ and rolled the fat blonde from Molly. The little schoolmarm came up trying to fight and

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