Trail of the Wolf

Trail of the Wolf by Joe Dever

Book: Trail of the Wolf by Joe Dever Read Free Book Online
Authors: Joe Dever
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, lone wolf, Magnamund
courageous act has destroyed Zorkaan and spared you your life.
    Illustration XIII —Zorkaan is ripped asunder by the power of the Sommerswerd.
    Turn to 153 .

    The few direflies that have survived your deadly blows quickly disperse. As they disappear above the trees, you wipe and sheathe your Kai Weapon before continuing your trek northwards.
    Soon you come to a section of the forest where the trees are blanketed with webs that are woven together to form a dense, impenetrable barrier. Creamy-white gossamer strands are wound tightly around the trunks, and loose threads dangle from their twisted branches to flutter in the breeze. Trapped amidst this web are scores of giant direflies. They hang suspended like chrysalises, cocooned in acres of silken thread.
    Cold sweat trickles down your face as you contemplate what could have constructed such a large and intricate web. Then your heart skips a beat when suddenly you detect movement within it.
    If you possess Grand Pathsmanship, turn to 286 .
    If you do not, turn to 34 .

    You follow a short semicircular tunnel that leads to a wide gallery encircling the upper section of a colossal hall. Peering over the parapet of the gallery, you look down on the red granite floor of the hall 50 feet below. Here you see Drakkarim and Giaks standing in idle groups around the lip of a deep lava-filled pit that looks as if it could descend all the way to the molten core of Magnamund. Motes of rust-coloured dust cling to every surface and the scorching air reeks of molten metal and sulphur.
    An unbroken line of fiery bronze statues encircle the gallery, depicting former loyal servants of Darklord Chlanzor. You are casting your eye along their line when suddenly you see two of Xaol's henchmen. They emerge from a passageway located next to a spiral staircase on the far side of the gallery. Quickly you take cover behind the nearest statue and watch as those two men, accompanied by a wolfhound, come walking around the gallery towards your hiding place.

    If you possess some Dargorse Buds, turn to 230 .
    If you do not possess this Backpack Item, turn to 41 .

    You crash down heavily among the detritus and cadavers that litter the floor of the necromancer's hall, and a sharp pain shoots through your left forearm. You have fallen upon the skeletal remains of a human body, and its splintered shin bone has skewered your arm: lose 3 ENDURANCE points.

    Gritting your teeth in anticipation of the increased pain, you take hold of the bone fragment and wrench it from your arm with one swift tug.
    To continue, turn to 325 .

    You call upon your mastery of Brotherhood magic to enact the spell Mind Charm . Through the use of its persuasive powers, you cause one of the Drakkarim to believe that his comrade is cheating. Argument and accusation quickly escalate into a brawl that leaves both warriors sprawled unconscious on the floor.
    Before the Drakkarim regain consciousness, you hurry across the hall and ascend the steps. Upon reaching a landing on a level above, you hear the Drakkarim resume their fight in the hall below.
    To continue, turn to 6 .

    As you recover your senses, you look up to see Zorkaan looming above you, his swirling black form swelling in volume and menace as it prepares to deal you one final, devastating blow. Valiantly you struggle to resist, but you are fearful that you no longer possess the strength needed to counter this powerful foe. An evil laugh echoes in your mind as slowly the wispy mass of black vapour spirals down towards your face. Desperately you lash out at your mocking adversary, but you lose your balance and collapse to your knees. With a prayer to Ishir on your lips, you watch with growing horror as a glowing spike of radiant energy appears at the core of Zorkaan's form. It hangs directly above you, like a sorcerous lance poised deliver a killing blow.
    Turn to 196 .

    You tug an Arrow from your Quiver and draw it to your Bow. Then you pop up from behind

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