TrackingDesire by Elizabeth Lapthorne

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Authors: Elizabeth Lapthorne
exposed, but wickedly
sensual and decadent in a way she had never experienced before. Thrills chased
over her body as Julian buried his head between her legs and licked, nipped and
thoroughly tasted her. He strung tiny, biting kisses across the lithe muscles
of her thigh, grazing his teeth over the delicate, sensitive skin.
    Liv twined her fingers in his short hair. The light blond
was clearly defined in the darkness and his position kneeling at her feet made
him appear like some wicked fallen angel, busy at his lusty, erotic work. The
first time Julian stroked his tongue over her clit, electric tingles of energy
shot straight through her stomach and up to her nipples, causing her to cry out
in pleasure.
    Recalling that they were outside—hidden from anyone walking
down the street, yes, but well within view of anyone curious enough to look out
of their window on this side of the apartment complex—Liv lifted a fist to her
mouth to try to stifle her moans.
    Julian laughed softly, the puffs of air from his lips
further sensitizing her and making her juices flow more copiously at the
sensual overload.
    “Please,” Liv muttered, trying to keep her voice low.
“Julian, please fill me—I need to feel you.”
    Instead of speaking he continued to lick her, finally
spearing his tongue, stiff and hard, directly into her pussy. He caressed her
clit more earnestly with his thumb and Liv’s eyes fluttered closed as her
climax built. She canted her hips into him and thrust her body in time to his
tongue as it fucked into her cunt.
    Liv let her head fall back on a deep moan as Julian replaced
his tongue with two of his thick, long fingers.
    “Yes!” she hissed, the pleasure of the deeper penetration
from his fingers causing a wobble in her voice.
    “More,” she pleaded shakily. “Please, Julian—I need more.”
    Obligingly, he added a third finger and Liv had to press her
lips firmly together to keep from crying out again. Her pussy was stretched
full, his fingers feeling thick and hard inside her. Liv continued to thrust
her hips, riding his fingers and breathing heavily as her body wound itself
tight and climbed through the intoxicating pleasure.
    She could feel her climax approaching and desperately
struggled to hold it in. She wanted to milk every moment of her first orgasm
from Julian for all it was worth. There would only ever be one first time with
him, and she knew she would cherish the memory forever. Coming too soon, while
not exactly the end of the world, would not be as heart-stoppingly wonderful as
if she could hold on to each and every second and burn it into her brain to
re-live mentally whenever she felt like it.
    A part of her felt amazed, hardly able to believe she and
Julian were fucking in his front garden. Yet the reality was undeniable. She
was here, held up largely by the wooden fence, draped in jasmine vines. Three
of Julian’s fingers were buried deeply in her cunt and his thumb toyed with her
clit as he finger-fucked her toward a blinding, earth-shattering orgasm.
    Liv lifted her hands to her breasts and cupped herself. Her
fingers expertly tweaked her nipples exactly how she liked it. At first she
touched herself gently, not wanting to work herself up too fast, but as Julian
continued to finger her, fucking her hard and thrusting himself inside her, she
had to pinch her nipples harder to keep up with him, deepening her pleasure as
it crawled along her skin and set her on fire with need.
    “You are amazing.” Julian breathed heavily. He took a
sucking bite of the skin of her inner thigh, creating a dark flush on her flesh
that faded into a hickey. Liv looked down and watched him as he lifted his gaze
to stare at her, his eyes dark and filled with lust. Breathing hard, she
couldn’t summon up the breath to reply, but she smiled beatifically at him,
wanting him to know beyond a doubt how unbearably aroused she was and how very
much pleasure she derived from his touch.
    Just as she licked her lips to

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