Tori's Seduction

Tori's Seduction by Willow Ward

Book: Tori's Seduction by Willow Ward Read Free Book Online
Authors: Willow Ward
Tags: Erótica, Romance
Chapter 1
    T ori gripped the armrest, nervous as hell. She didn't have her friends with her this time. Talking to them gave her something to focus on other than flying, which was her biggest fear. She hated airplanes, they were the last things she wanted to use as a means of transportation.
    Tori inhaled then exhaled. She could do a five hour flight. Her job was making her travel more than ever before. When she got back from this trip, she would have to put her foot down with the owner of the museum. After this no more trips for at least a month. She needed time to rehabilitate her nervous system. All this flying was taking its toll on old girl.
    She closed her eyes, wanting to sleep away every minute of this trip. She didn't want to be awaken until this big turbo engine landed safely.
    She moved her leg when she felt someone trying to get pass her. She had the middle seat so she assumed whoever was trying to get passed her had the window seat.
    “Excuse me.”
    When she heard that deep baritone voice, Tori opened her eyes. She had to see the face to that marvelous voice. She couldn't believe her eyes. God must have put a halo on that man's head, because he had to be the only handsome man she ever laid eyes on.
    He ducked his head as he passed her. This man had it going on with his muscular physique. One of her weaknesses is a man who takes care of his body. Any man who could do a push up while having sex is a man worth keeping, she always thought. She glanced out the corner of her eye at his lean body. He looked as if he could do fifty without breaking a sweat. She looked down to his hands and arms. She wanted to lick every straining vein she saw in this gorgeous hunk.
    When the plane engine roared to life, Tori closed her eyes, grabbing the arm rests.
    “Hey are you okay?”
    Tori nodded her head.
    “Ah, one of those. Afraid of planes?”
    “I'm not afraid of them, I just don't like them.”
    Tori felt him place his hand on top of hers. She let one eye pop open and looked down at his hand covering hers. He had huge hands. His hand was so big, it engulfed hers.
    He leaned forward and she opened the other eye, running her hazel eyes all over his face and body. She wasn't missing an inch of this fine, tall brown morsel of a man. She was ready to lick and suck every hard muscle in his body.
    “Are you getting everything. If I could, I would stand up so you didn't miss a thing.”
    “Yeah, too bad we're sitting on a plane. I would really like to see the back. I can't get the whole effect without seeing that,” Tori said, back to him. She looked up into his brown eyes.
    “I thought you were afraid of planes?”
    “I was until my savior came on board,” Tori said, turning her hand over to grasp his. “See what you've done. I'm no longer afraid,” Tori said, with a smirk on her face.
    His eyes went darker. “Do you come on this strong to every man you meet?”
    “If I'm not mistaken you put your hand on mine. I didn't come on to you,” Tori said, raising their joined hands.
    “It was my arm rest.”
    “No it wasn't. It was mine. You have big forearms, you take up too much space,” Tori said, pointing to the arm rests.
    “So what are you're saying, I should have paid for two seats instead of one? That's discrimination,” he said, frowning.
    “It's not discrimination. It's a fact. If I was your size then it would be discrimination because they would make me pay for two seats. Your muscular so they don't say anything, but let me roll in here two hundred pounds or more, they would treat me like a leper. They would probably wonder if I'll ask for more than those dry nuts.
    “Oh lord, your one of those women,” he said, rolling his eyes, sitting back in his seat.
    Tori turned her body towards him.“One of what women,” Tori said, glaring at him.
    “Those opinionated women. Always having a comment about something,” he said, looking ahead.
    “So let me ask you something Master, are we supposed to not have

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