TogetherinCyn by Jennifer Kacey

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Authors: Jennifer Kacey
my thighs. The skirt was so short a glimpse of black panties could be seen
when I walked but it screamed flirty and fun.
    Parts of my arms and neck were bare, most of my stomach and
about a two-inch strip of skin on my upper thighs below the short skirt.
Earlier, I figured chains and leather would be involved, and only a tiny bit of
each. But wearing more, covering the naughty bits, made me feel sexy. It ramped
up my anticipation of Chris and Jared taking off each piece later.
    “I’m speechless,” I confessed, examining myself in the
mirror one last time.
    “Your outfit will be sacrificed for the good of all us girls
who aren’t gettin’ any. When you hear fabric tear, know that I gladly donate
them to snaggin’ two hot guys.”
    “Oh, I hope they don’t get ruined. They’re so pretty.”
    I ran my hands along the pleated skirt as Jenna said,
“Honey, if Jared and Chris gingerly take them off, I surely don’t know what I’m
doing and will hang up my fairy wand right now.”
    She walked over to her panel of goodies and brought back two
brown-leather, fleece-lined cuffs. She secured one on my wrist and I froze.
“Hey…you veered off into green territory. You nervous?”
    “No, I’m good.” Trying to convince my heart those three words
were true was going to be a challenge. It had slowed to a crawl.
    “Inhale, exhale, Cyn. No fainting on my watch.”
    As instructed, I took a deep breath and the panic slowly
    She stared at my wrist and backed up. “It was the cuff. Have
you ever been restrained before?”
    After I swallowed my anxiety, to gather my courage I decided
to be honest…sort of. “It didn’t go so well.” Can you say understatement ?
I might as well have declared Niagara Falls a little creek along the borders of
the US and Canada.
    “Do the guys know?”
    “Not exactly,” I answered. “I don’t want to be damaged goods
to them.”
    “Okay, it’s none of my business but I’m going to give you
some advice that I wish someone had told me when I entered this world. You have
to tell them what you want. Yes, you’re submissive. But if something genuinely
freaks you out, you need to be upfront about it. You can’t build a relationship
on jagged ground. How it all starts will absolutely affect the rest of your
time together. The rest of your lives together if you’re lucky.”
    “You sound like you speak from experience,” I commented as I
watched her fasten the other wrist restraint. My stomach heaved and the sense
of déjà vu was harder to ignore. I latched on to Jenna’s presence and that
immediately calmed my frayed nerves.
    “You have no idea,” she answered, her trademark wink
surprisingly absent. “Just remember. No matter what happened in the past, this
is Chris and Jared and they’ve waited a long time to bring you here. They want
tonight to be perfect. So if you aren’t ready to rock the boat, fake it ’til
you make it. Yes, you’re going to be nervous and uncertain but it can make the
experience out-of-this-world good.”
    She checked me over one more time. “Ready?” She held up a
leash and clipped it to the front of my collar. She released the catch and the
click made me jump.
    “As I’ll ever be,” I mumbled. She led me out and I wanted to
    Nerves jittered up my spine and tingled at the top of my
head. Too soon, the elevator dinged, signaling our arrival at the ground floor.
    The cold A/C on my exposed thighs made me shiver. It could
have also been the sight of closed doors along the corridor. What happens in
    The possibilities were endless and my imagination had no off
button. Fire play, deep-throating, pony training, orgies? The internet should
have come with a warning label since I had a few hours to kill earlier.
    “Smaller play spaces are here. You’ll be going to the left
where the larger ones are located. To the right are public areas. The guys have
classes pretty often on the main stage because it’s so big. Chris is one of

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