The Year of the Lumin

The Year of the Lumin by Andrew Ryan Henke

Book: The Year of the Lumin by Andrew Ryan Henke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Andrew Ryan Henke
This form is a trick that I can do by manipulating light.”  Fafnir strode over to where Noir was sitting so smoothly that it was as if she was hovering in her dress, not walking.  “I can tell that your wounds have healed quickly in the last day.  If time allows, it is always better to allow the body to heal itself rather than force it to heal with lux.”
                  Noir put a hand to the side of his head.  “How long have I been out?  The last thing I remember is...” he paused and looked up, “losing control of myself.”
    Adeel answered, “You’ve been unconscious for nearly an entire day.  And about what happened yesterday….”
                  Fafnir interrupted Adeel with a gentle hand placed on her arm.  “You were under the control of a powerful Syeter.  I have sensed his presence often recently.  I do not know why the Syeter chose to control you and not one of your companions.  Perhaps they wanted to specifically read your mind.”
    “Nonetheless,” Adeel started, “we made it here to our destination.  Though we were lucky that Fafnir arrived when she did.”
    “Luck, child?”  Fafnir spoke calmly but firmly to Adeel, again reminding Noir of a teacher.  “There is no luck.  The winds of life brought me there at that moment.”
    Adeel bowed her head and started to say something, but she stopped when she heard a raucous noise coming from another part of the cavern.  It was someone talking and laughing loudly.
    They all turned toward the noise to see Ratt and Elrid entering the large chamber.  Ratt very proudly carried a dead rabbit by the ears.  Fafnir walked away from Noir and Adeel to another side of the large room.  Elrid unceremoniously set down the six that he had caught in the corner.  When Ratt saw Noir awake, he exclaimed, “Hey!  Good to see you awake again!”  He placed the rabbit on the table and jogged over to Noir.  “I’m surprised you ever woke up with the bash that Elrid gave you.”
    Noir looked at Elrid.  No signs of his wounds could be seen.  He held four corners of a cloth that showed outlines of small berries inside pulling it down heavily.  “Glad to see you are alright, Noir.”
    Noir smiled at him and said, “What's that about you giving me this headache?”  He pointed at his head.
    Elrid placed the cloth full of berries on the crudely carved wooden table.  A few rolled onto the wooden surface, but he paid them no mind.  “I did not enjoy injuring you, but when one is dominated by a Syeter, there is little else that can be done.”
    The group all fell silent.  Fafnir stood across the large room by a huge, oddly-shaped table.  Noir looked at the three others and said, “So, what's the plan now?”
    Adeel spoke.  “Well, tomorrow morning, the three of us are going back to Talik.”
    Ratt took a step forward.  “Three of us?  Why do I have to go back?”
    Elrid took a seat at the table, “Because you pledged your services to Captain Grandel, remember?”
    “Well yeah, but....”  He couldn't argue with that.  He turned to Noir for help but Noir had nothing to say either.  Of course Noir would have loved to have the companionship, but he was so new to this world, he wasn't about to argue with someone like Elrid.
    Surprisingly, Fafnir spoke up from behind Ratt, Elrid, and Adeel.  “Actually, Noir could use a sparring partner for his training.”
    Adeel added, “This is true.  It is beneficial to have another human present while learning how to use lux.”
    Everyone was looking at Elrid for approval.  He sighed and said, “If Captain Grandel asks, you all twisted my arm over this.”

    Chapter 12
    At the request of Fafnir, everyone except herself and Noir went outside to cook the rabbits.  They were alone in the large chamber.  Needless to say, Noir felt a little nervous being in the presence of someone whom he knew to be a powerful ancient dragon.  Even though Fafnir looked like

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