The Wandering Caravan
happened the moment I said I do. I refuse to be around someone who disrespects you like that. I love my parents very much, but I could live without them. I couldn’t live without you.”
    My eyes softened at his words. “Sean…”
    “I shouldn’t have let her come over to begin with. I should have been firm.”
    “Don’t blame yourself,” I said immediately. “Don’t do that. Your mom is perfectly capable of behaving. She’s just used to Andrew letting her get away with everything. It’s not your responsibility to teach her how to be an adult.”
    “I’m still sorry anyway,” he said quietly.
    I ran my fingers through her hair and looked at the sadness in his eyes. “Don’t punish yourself.”
    “It’s hard not to.”
    “Come here.” I patted the seat next to me. He moved then pulled the chair closer to me. He didn’t say anything, just stared at our joined hands.
    “You did the right thing, Sean,” Ryan said. “And you did the most you could.”
    Sean nodded but kept his silence.
    “Is she bipolar?” Cortland asked seriously. “One minute, she acts like Scarlet’s mom. And the next, she acts like Scarlet isn’t good enough for her son.”
    “I know,” Sean said with a sigh. “I don’t get it either. She’s crazy—literally.”
    “Maybe she should get checked out…” Ryan sipped his wine then returned it to the table.
    “You guys are being serious?” Sean asked.
    Ryan shrugged. “She goes back and forth a lot…”
    I shook my head. “She’s just going through a hard time, Sean. Give her space and see what happens.”
    “I couldn’t stand it if she treated you that way in front of our kids.” He shook his head. “I couldn’t.”
    “We’ll worry about that when we get there.”
    Sean stood up then cleaned the dishes in the sink. No one got up to help him. Everyone sat at the table, still in shock. Janice watched Sean roll up his sleeves then scrub the plates.
    “Scarlet, you have a really good husband.”
    “You do,” Monnique said.
    Sean didn’t turn to us, but his cheeks started to redden.
    “I know my sister is in good hands,” Ryan said.
    We all left our chairs and helped him clean the dishes. Together, we saved the leftover food and cleaned all the plates and silverware. When everything was done, we retired to bed upstairs.
    No one was in a good mood after the dinner episode, especially Sean. I still had a headache so I took another aspirin before we got into bed. Sean pulled his clothes off but left his briefs on. That meant he still wasn’t going to put out.
    When he lay in the center of the bed, I removed all my clothes then crawled on top of him. “We are making love tonight.”
    “Scarlet, let’s give it more time…”
    “Fine. I’ll just rape you.”
    He smirked. “You can’t rape the willing.”
    “Good response.” I pulled down his briefs and rubbed my clitoris against his cock, letting my fluids soak him. His eyes darkened as he felt me slide across him. When he was lubricated, I pointed his tip inside me. I slid down and felt him stretch me.
    “You okay?” he asked immediately.
    I moaned. “More than okay.” I gripped his shoulders then sheathed him over and over. My tits rocked in his face, and he stared at them with a hungry expression.
    His hands gripped my hips and he slowed my pace as I moved him in and out. “You’re perfect—fucking perfect.”
    Sean always made me feel beautiful even when his mom stripped all my dignity away. He loved me unconditionally and it was the love I had always needed but never found. Seeing the love in his eyes made me crumble. I bit my lip so I wouldn’t scream. He always felt so good.
    Sean had his bliss at the same time. He moaned loudly then depleted himself. We shared our orgasm at the same time, clinging to each other until we were both finished. I collapsed on his chest and fell asleep immediately. He was still inside me and he stayed there until the following morning.


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