The Szuiltan Alliance (The Szuiltan Trilogy)

The Szuiltan Alliance (The Szuiltan Trilogy) by Neil Davies

Book: The Szuiltan Alliance (The Szuiltan Trilogy) by Neil Davies Read Free Book Online
Authors: Neil Davies
growing resentment, a gathering of discontent and rebellion..."
    Suzex waved his hand dismissively, cutting the Mayor off in mid sentence.
    "Save me the speech Mr Mayor. We both know that despite the grumblings it's all very disjointed. No organisation. No leadership."
    "I would gladly step forward, but open rebellion would be crushed by those loyal to Carlton in the military. There would be no point..."
    "You need a guarantee," interrupted Suzex.
    The Mayor swallowed nervously.
    "I'm not afraid..."
    "Of course you are Mr Mayor," grinned Suzex. "You'd be a foolish man if you weren't. Coming forward with no military backing would be tantamount to political suicide, perhaps actual suicide should Carlton be sufficiently pissed off at your actions. That's why your spies contacted me."
    Mayor Lane closed his eyes, gathering his conviction that the Earth's twisted corruption of the Larnian faith was an abhorrence, an evil to be stamped out by whatever means necessary. Personal political gain, while agreeable, was not the reason for his actions. His purpose was pure. Others would see that.
    "Talking of spies," continued Suzex, "your enemies have infiltrated your office."
    "What?" Lane was stunned, outraged. "Who would dare? If Carlton..."
    "Not Carlton. Much worse."
    "Earth? But how... who..." The Mayor fell into speechless fear and anger. What could they have found out? How close to him was the spy?
    "Don't concern yourself Mr Mayor," smiled Suzex. "I have spies of my own. It's all being taken care of. For the moment there are more important things to discuss."
    "What could be more important..."
    "You've heard of Szuilta?" interrupted Suzex. "It's a planet, a planet populated by true aliens."
    The name sparked some distant memory in the Mayor and he struggled to calm himself, to push the worrying thoughts of a spy, a traitor, in his own office to one side. He had to concentrate on the larger picture. The spy was simply further proof that Earth could not be trusted.
    "There's was some fuss about it in the news when contact was first made I believe."
    Suzex nodded. "The only intelligent alien race we’ve so far discovered."
    "What has this planet got to do with Aks?" Mayor Lane was confused but too wary of this man to use anything other than a polite enquiry.
    "The Szuiltans have a hatred of Earth that surpasses even your own. They would do anything to destroy that planet."
    "Why? What possible reason could they have for their hatred? Ours is historical and religious, but what of theirs?"
    The Mayor's voice rose in pitch as he spoke, an element of panic lacing the edges, a tightening in his chest forcing the words out hurriedly, shakily. He felt increasingly edgy. A premonition perhaps, although he did not believe in such things, or maybe just the feeling that he was losing any semblance of control over the situation.
    Suzex continued to smile, apparently amused by the Mayor’s discomfort.
    "I have spoken with the Szuiltan President and he will provide what you need." Suzex paused, watching Mayor Lane slowly assimilate the information. When he spoke again it was slowly and, for a man with his large voice, quietly, almost conspiratorially.
    "Szuilta is willing to ally itself with Aks towards the ultimate destruction of your common enemy, Earth. That will be all the backing and support you need… Leader Lane."

    Chapter 19
    Ursa Mirram lived in central Suburb 12, an address that demonstrated her favourable employment without flaunting it and risking the anger of the increasingly militant gangs of the outer suburbs. Her house was modest, a basic box design much favoured by the cost-conscious Aksian builders, and a sloping roof that was a further indication of the good location. This close to central Aks there was regular rainfall, much of it induced by the weather satellites in geo-stationary orbit above the business and government sectors. In the outlying Suburbs, where the desert pushed its way into every corner and

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