The Secret of Skull Island

The Secret of Skull Island by Zack Norris

Book: The Secret of Skull Island by Zack Norris Read Free Book Online
Authors: Zack Norris
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This way.” He took the fork to the right.
    A little while later they had to make another decision, and then another. There were many forks along the tunnel. There was the danger of traveling in circles. They brought along bread crumbs from the kitchen to mark their way so they wouldn’t get lost. “Just like Hansel and Gretel,” Cody had joked when they began.
    It had been Rae’s idea. She told them she’d read stories where secret passages had forks and turns set up to fool unwanted visitors.
    When the tunnel went on and on, they all began to worry. What if they were on the wrong track? What if the crooks had already left with Jamal?
    The tunnel curved to the left and ended in three forks. “Great,” said Cody. “Well, Rae, it’s just like in those stories after all.”
    â€œThree strikes and we’re out,” said Otis. “Let’s make this a home run instead.”
    â€œCenter fork,” Cody said.
    â€œAgreed,” the twins heard from Rae.
    â€œAgreed,” Otis echoed.
    They headed down the center fork. The passage grew narrower and narrower.
    Then it came to a dead end.
    â€œHow could we have gone wrong?” Cody wailed.
    Otis was examining the wall. “Maybe we didn’t.” He found a skeleton button in the bottom left-hand corner and pressed it. A panel slid open. Sunlight poured into the passage.
    Cody grinned. “After you,” he said, nodding to Rae.
    Soon the three of them were standing in the sunshine. Now they had to find the right boat.
    â€œOver there.” Cody pointed. “It’s got to be the boat with a laughing gecko on the side.”
    â€œDefinitely,” said Otis. “I don’t see anyone on deck.”
    â€œThey’re around here somewhere,” said Cody. “We’ve got to be careful.” He looked from side to side and began to creep toward the gleaming white cabin cruiser with the green lizard on its side. The others followed.
    The sea was still and not a single breeze stirred the air. The few other boats anchored near the Laughing Gecko looked empty.
    The three rescuers boarded the boat cautiously. Otis pressed a finger to his lips and pointed belowdecks. They all climbed down the ladder, trying to slow their pounding hearts. They were all repeating the same words to themselves: focus … breathe .
    They found Jamal tied up on the floor in a corner of the galley. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw them. Once more, Otis cautioned against making any sound with a finger to his lips.
    They had freed Jamal from all but his wrist bindings, when they heard footsteps on deck. Then suddenly two men came running toward them. It was Sam Keller and Steve Cordell.
    â€œI knew you kids would be trouble,” snarled Keller as he ran. His eyes bugged out and his face was red with fury. A vision of the man wearing a brown wig, mustache, and beard flashed before Cody’s eyes as Keller lunged at him.
    Each man grabbed a boy by the shoulders and held him in a viselike grip. Automatically, Cody and Otis raised their arms straight up in the break-out move their sensei had taught them. Both men were surprised to find their holds suddenly broken, their hands dangling in empty air as the boys streaked away with Rae running beside them.
    â€œWe’d better get help. I think we’ve got our proof now!” Otis blurted as he ran. Then Cordell jumped in front of him, blocking his path to the door. Otis cut to the right and ran to the corner of the boat where Jamal was tied.
    Meanwhile, Keller caught Cody from behind. Cody gritted his teeth and stomped the man’s instep with a heel kick. Keller gave a howl of pain and staggered backward. He regained his balance in an instant, lunged at Cody, and spun him around.
    â€œSo you wise guys have taken a couple of karate classes,” he huffed. “Well, it’s time to stop playing games.”
    Cody jerked himself free of

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