The Secret First Lady: The Naked Truth

The Secret First Lady: The Naked Truth by Rose Bush

Book: The Secret First Lady: The Naked Truth by Rose Bush Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rose Bush
Rachel sat next to her as she explained the ledgers line by line.
                  “As you know the banking system is always thirty days behind, which is why I always keep manual records as well. Two days ago, I noticed these daily debits in five thousand dollar increments being transferred into this account.” She pointed out a seven digit number as she continued to explain. “That’s over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars unaccounted for.  I called the bank and they wouldn’t give me any information over the phone. We’re going to have to go in person, but first you’ll need to file a police report since you’re the owner of RTJ Inc.,” Rashonda was teary eyed and had been an emotional wreck for the past two days.
                  “I am completely baffled. I don’t know what to make of this, but I’m sure going to get to the bottom of this. Have you shared this with anyone else in your department?” Rachel walked over to the window, folded her arms, and gazed at her favorite tree. The tree was so beautiful, it gave Rachel a glimpse of peace and often helped her to escape her thoughts. 
                  “No, not yet,” Rashonda walked over to the window trying to find a little tranquility herself. She knew Rachel didn’t blame her, but she felt somewhat at fault.
                  “Good, don’t mention it. It has to be an internal job. Don’t beat yourself up either, Ms. Hall. It’s not your fault, darling. Grab your things so we can go to the police station.” Rachel remained calm, at least for her employee’s own sanity.
                  She had Bridget cancel all her afternoon appointments and didn’t even mention to her what was going on. Everyone was a suspect at this stage. She met Rashonda at the north elevator and they headed to the parking garage, bumping into Leah along the way. Rachel looked her up and down trying to picture her embezzling six figures on her own. The thought quickly vanished.
                  “You think she could be in on it?  I mean nothing like this has happened until she started working here.” Rashonda said with an undoubting look.
                  “Hell nah! She ain’t that smart or that crazy to steal from me.” Rachel said with look of sureness about Leah’s capabilities. They both laughed as the elevator dropped to the second floor. No matter how many times she rode it a day, her stomach always seemed to drop with it.
                  They made the report and headed across town to the Credit Union. After talking to the bank manager and reviewing financial documents, he agreed to freeze the account until the investigation was final. He was a well-built gentleman in his mid-forties.
                  “This account belongs to a Margaret Belmont,” he said looking over his computer screen. “I could probably get the video of her opening the account, but it will take about a week.”
                  “I don’t recognize that as a client or even an employee name.” Rashonda felt even more confused.
                  “It’s not a client or employee; Belmont is my maiden name.” Rachel suddenly felt sick to her stomach. Someone was playing a joke on her, except it wasn’t funny to her. “Thank you for your time, sir, we’ll be back in a week. I’ll call my attorney so that we can get this case done and over with as quickly as possible.”
                  Both ladies were in complete shock. Rachel noticed they weren’t too far from the investigators office and decided to pay him a visit. There was an older looking gentleman seated behind the desk. He had salt and pepper hair and his skin looked smoother than butter.
                  “Can I help you?” He stood up to greet the two ladies.
                  “Yes, sir. I’m looking for Private investigator Gasko.” Rachel tried to force

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