The Returning Hero

The Returning Hero by Soraya Lane

Book: The Returning Hero by Soraya Lane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Soraya Lane
different, fantasized about having her in his bed, and now she was sprawled out beneath him.
    Brett dropped his upper body over Jamie’s, careful not to crush her with his weight, and kissed her mouth, before trailing kisses down her neck and back up to her lips again. For something that was meant to be so wrong, it felt so damn good.
    “Don’t stop,” she whispered, sounding breathless.
    He chuckled, smoothing the hair from her face before stroking her cheek. “I have no intention of stopping,” Brett told her.
    “Good,” she replied, claiming his mouth again as she cupped his skull to force his head down, gripping on tight, fingers twisted in his hair.
    Her lips moved gently, her tongue exploring tentatively at first, before becoming bolder, colliding with his.
    All the best intentions in the world couldn’t have made him say no to this.
    * * *
    Jamie let Brett push her T-shirt up and she wriggled out of it, left in only her bra and her shorts. She gulped when he immediately reached down for her button, before unzipping the denim and pulling it down her legs—slowly, as if he were trying to tease her. She pointed her toes so he could slip off the jeans completely, and laughed.
    “Why do I have all my clothes off, and you’re fully dressed still?” she asked.
    He grinned and shrugged, but she wasn’t going to let him sit there in his jeans and T-shirt while she was left in only her underwear.
    “Off with it,” she ordered, pushing his T-shirt up, eyes feasting on his stomach and chest muscles.
    Brett obliged, taking it off and then standing to shed his jeans, too.
    She sucked back a big breath as she watched him, looking at his big body, eyes glued to him as he lowered himself back on the bed. Jamie reached out to touch the tattoo on his left arm first, and then his other shoulder, fingers tracing over both of them. Years ago, she’d hated tattoos, but she’d grown to appreciate them now. And Brett’s ones meant something to him, told a story of who he was and what was important to him, and the ink stretched over his muscles gave him a tough edge that was at odds with how gentle and kind he’d always been to her. If ever she needed reminding of the soldier he was, of how he could protect her if ever she needed it, his tattoos made that crystal clear.
    Jamie slipped her hands onto his shoulders to stroke her nails down his back, but his whole body tensed, went rigid.
    “What’s wrong?” she asked, dropping her hands, knowing that he hadn’t even remotely liked the way she’d just touched him.
    Brett gave her an unconvincing smile. “My back’s kind of off-limits,” he said.
    “You mean because of your injuries?” she asked, voice soft, knowing how difficult it must be for him to talk about.
    “You don’t have to be embarrassed, Brett,” she said, leaning up to press a kiss to his shoulder, gently touching his lower back this time and avoiding where she’d almost touched before.
    “Jamie…” He said her name as if it were a warning.
    But she wasn’t going to take no for an answer, not after all they’d been through together. She wanted to touch every part of Brett, and she wasn’t scared of what had happened to him or the marks that had been left on his skin. It wasn’t like they’d just met and he had to hide who he was from her.
    “Let me see you,” she whispered, pushing him gently back down to the bed. “There’s nothing I could see right now that could change the way I feel about you.”

    C HILLS RAN UP and down Brett’s body just at the mention of his scars, of her seeing them. He hadn’t let anyone other than the medical team that had worked on him see how he looked now, to really see what had happened to him. Jamie looking at the mess that was his skin wasn’t something he ever wanted to happen, but the way she was staring at him, like he was doing something to hurt her by not just opening up, was telling him that he may not have a choice. He

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