THE REAL GYRO (Food Truck Mysteries Book 4)

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Authors: Chloe Kendrick
Nolans about Carter. If Janelle had really been thinking of adding staff, which didn’t look promising given the numbers, then she should have a file related to HR or hiring. She would have interviewed other people and saved their materials as well. I had a hunch there was more to the connection with Carter than I knew about.
    I was first to the truck and texted both Carter and Land. Carter showed up shortly after I arrived, but six a.m. rolled around, and Land had not called or shown up. I was concerned. Land was nothing if not punctual and responsible. I thought back to my encounter last night and wondered about him.
    I called his number, but no one answered. I was panicking slightly by now, so I called Detective Danvers as well. He answered, but he was openly annoyed that I was calling him to check on Land. “We didn’t have a sleepover. How would I know where he is?” Danvers asked with a sneer in his voice.
    I sighed. I whispered loud enough for Danvers, but not loud enough for Carter. “I know he’s been doing surveillance for you. He told me. I thought that maybe he was working with you last night and something happened.”
    That caught his attention. “Yeah, we did some surveillance of Janelle’s apartment. Someone should be trying to break in and get the papers that had been delivered to her that day. But no one has come by. It’s odd, but still he was fine last night when I dropped him off.”
    I thought back again to the scene at my apartment last night. I wondered now if I should have called Land last night. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. “I’m going over there,” I said, loud enough for everyone to hear.
    I didn’t bother to take off my apron. I tossed the keys to Carter and prayed for the best during my absence. He’d barely worked with us—and never alone. I wondered if I would still have a truck when I returned, but now I worried that I wouldn’t have a chef if I didn’t go.
    It doesn’t take long to get a cab if you are willing to stand out in front of them. The first one swerved into the other lane, but the next one was forced to stop for me. I got in and gave him Land’s address.
    His apartment was dark when I reached it, but I would have expected that if he’d overslept. I knocked on the door, but got no response. His car was parked in the lot, not too far from his door, so I knew he was here. I knocked again, louder this time. Nothing. I practically pounded on the door, hoping to raise him.
    An older woman came to her door. “What’s all the noise about?” she asked, holding a cup of coffee in her hands. “Let the poor man sleep. He’s been looking like a wreck the last few weeks. He told me that his boss has been working him too hard.”
    I cursed him mentally, because in a few seconds, I would have to admit to being his boss. “Have you seen him today?”
    She shook her head. “He had some people over last night. They left about 10, but that was it. I haven’t seen him since.”
    I closed my eyes. The timing was such that my attacker could have easily made it here in time to do something to Land. I just wasn’t sure why they had been so gentle on me if Land was hurt and locked behind the door. “I need you to think clearly. Did you see Land when those people left last night, or did they let themselves out?”
    The woman stared off into the distance as if she was trying to recall the scene. As the seconds dragged on, I became even more nervous. “They let themselves out. Land didn’t come to the door. I wasn’t being nosy, but my dog barks at strangers. I looked out the window and saw them walk away from his door. He could have been inside, but I don’t know for sure.”
    “You wouldn’t have a key, would you? I’m worried that something has happened to him.” I took a deep breath, trying to still my nerves. Land had military training. He’d be far better off than I was in fighting off unknown attackers.
    “Who are you?” the woman asked.

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