The Rancher's Daughter

The Rancher's Daughter by Pamela Ladner

Book: The Rancher's Daughter by Pamela Ladner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Pamela Ladner
would say.  So, she left the TV on while she changed into her bedclothes.  They replayed the kiss again.  She watched in horror as everyone’s eyes were on them.  She was so embarrassed.  If only she’d left when she first lay eyes on him, but she couldn’t. 
                  The interviewer had finally wrangled Heath into a corner.  She started by asking him about his ride.  “So how did it feel to ride a previously unridden bull tonight?”  She asked.  “It feels great!  No bull rider could ask for more than to ride the best bull in the circuit at the National Finals.  I feel on top of the world, right now.”  The reporter used this to shift the focus onto the kiss.  “Um hum, and is that what caused you to jump the rails and kiss Miss Josey Chisholm?”  Heath shrugged.  “Are you two a couple? We were not aware you were taken.”  She rambled on and Heath finally answered.   “I’ve been taken since I was sixteen years old.  I just can’t seem to get the woman who’s got me to see that she’s got me.” 
                  “Well ladies, you heard it from the horse’s mouth.  He’s taken, and I have to say if she didn’t know it before, she knows it now.”  Josey plopped down on the bed.  She had him all along and she didn’t know it.  She had been such a fool.  She took extra care to wear something nice for the rodeo, the next evening.  She put on a knee length white dress, a blue jean jacket and her boots. She combed and curled her hair then set her hat on top of her head.  She even put a dab of make up on, and her lucky earrings. 
                  The drive to the rodeo was a long one.  The bumper-to-bumper traffic made it impossible to get in a hurry.  Josey ground her teeth and hit the steering wheel.  She was impatient.  She wanted to see Heath and make her apologies.  She hated how she’d treated him.  Finally, she was able to get into the parking lot and find a spot to park her truck. 
                  She was a woman on a mission.  She marched into that arena with one thing on her mind.  She made her way to the back and was escorted behind the chutes where she found Heath, chatting with his friends.  All conversation stopped the second she walked up.  All eyes were on her and everyone made their excuses to leave.  She waited till they left then she inched toward Heath.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “I’ve been such a fool.  Can you ever forgive me?”   Heath pushed himself off the wall and walked toward her.  He took her hand in his and kissed the palm of her hand then he pulled her into his arms and said, “Already forgiven, God help me woman, but I can’t live without you.”  “Does that mean, you love me?” she asked.  “It does.”  “Then say it, stupid.”  “I love you, but I am not stupid.” He grinned.  “Yeah, you are, but I love you anyway.” Josey said.   
                  The announcer started the rodeo the same way he had the night before.  Heath looked down into Josey’s eyes, kissed her on the nose and told her, “stick around, I’ve got some place I want to take you after this is over.”  Josey shook her head and pointed to the section she’d sat the night before.  “I’ll be right over there.”      

Chapter Fifteen
                  Josey, sat in her seat and watched the rodeo.  She searched constantly for a glimpse of Heath behind the chutes and each time she found him, he was looking her way.  They smiled at one another and Heath winked. 
                  She’d watched him in his first two events without fear but now that it was time for the bull-riding event, she got nervous.  She knew from experience, just how dangerous bulls could be.  She grit her teeth and forced herself to watch him ride.  She watched him settle onto the bulls back and adjust his rope.  His friend pulled it tight, and Heath

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