The Prophecy (The Guardians)

The Prophecy (The Guardians) by Wendy Owens

Book: The Prophecy (The Guardians) by Wendy Owens Read Free Book Online
Authors: Wendy Owens
though?   She had been just as worried about Uri as he had been; it wasn’t fair to keep her in the dark like that.
    “What is that delicious smell?” Rachel asked, sitting up and releasing her body into a stretch.
    “I thought maybe you would appreciate it if I returned the favor and did the cooking for once.   Breakfast is actually something I can handle.   I hope you like pancakes.” Gabe added, placing the towering plate on the table.
    “What?   No way, my eyes must be deceiving me.” Rachel gasped, hopping up and rushing to the table, breathing in the steaming stack of goodness.
    “Ha ha,” Gabe chimed back sarcastically.   Extending his arm he offered her a jar, the outside of which was covered in sticky finger prints.   “I’m afraid I don’t have any maple syrup, but I do have honey.”
    “Honey is perfect.” Rachel squealed, grabbing the jar before taking a seat.   “I can’t believe you did this.”
    “Wow, it’s that hard to believe that I might actually do something nice.” Gabe retorted.
    “You know what I mean, it was nice, that’s all I’m saying.”   Rachel defended her remark even though she knew Gabe was only joking.   Stabbing at the top two pancakes, she dragged them to her plate, slathering them liberally with the honey.   Without hesitation, she stuffed a heaping bite in her mouth, moaning with delight.
    “You like them, huh?”
    Muffled and still chewing, Rachel groaned, “Oh my God, these are so good.”
    “Thanks, it’s one of the few things I can actually cook.   One of my many foster parents taught me.” Gabe explained, a fond but brief memory invading his thoughts.
    Gabe seized the nearby kettle and poured Rachel a steaming cup of coffee; pushing it across the table when he finished.   Taking a deep breath he sat across from her, filling his own plate with the sweet treat.
    Rachel slowed her binging and watched Gabe as he poked at the food on his plate, never actually taking a bite.   “Not hungry?” she asked.
    “I guess not.” Gabe replied solemnly, his mind still debating if he should tell Rachel of Uri’s visit.
    “Is everything alright?” Rachel asked, taking a sip of her coffee.
    “Yeah.   Of course it is.   I mean— well — it’s just, never mind.” Gabe’s anguish became evident to Rachel as he spoke.
    Reaching out across the table and placing a hand on top of Gabe’s, she reassured him. “It’s all right, whatever it is, you can tell me.”
    Gabe thought how she would have made an excellent Guardian.   She didn’t even possess any super powers, yet somehow by just her touch she managed to calm him.   Gabe smiled, “It’s nothing.”
    Not satisfied with his answer, Rachel continued to push for the truth. “Your face doesn’t look like nothing is bothering you.   Why don’t you want to tell me?   Is something wrong?”
    “No — of course not.”   Gabe reassured Rachel.   “I just don’t want you to panic.”
    “Gabe, really?   I would think after all this time you’d know I’m not the type to panic easily.   I’m in this too; you need to tell me what’s going on.” Rachel demanded.
    Gabe sighed.   She was right; Gabe had no right to keep information from her.   If she decided to leave the valley and go to Iron Gate after he told her, then maybe that was what was best for them both.
    “It’s Uri.” Gabe began.
    Rachel gasped, clearly assuming the news must be bad.   “What’s wrong?   Is he hurt?   Oh my God, Gabe. Is he dead?”
    “No— nothing like that.”   Gabe answered, attempting to reassure Rachel.   “He came back last night.”
    “What?   Where is he?” Rachel said looking around the room.   “Is he outside?”
    “Not exactly.” Gabe replied
    “What’s going on, Gabe?” Rachel asked, growing tired of the back and forth.
    “He was only here for a few minutes before he left again.” Gabe explained.
    “I don’t understand?   Why didn’t he take me with him?”
    “I told

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