The Prince's Secret Baby

The Prince's Secret Baby by Christine Rimmer

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Authors: Christine Rimmer
to recall that you said you were ready for a change in your work, that you would like a chance to help people who really needed your help.”
    “Yes. I said that. And I meant it.”
    “As my wife, there would be any number of important causes you might tackle. You would have many opportunities to make a difference.”
    “But what causes? What opportunities?”
    He tipped up her chin, kissed the tip of her nose. “My darling, I think that would be for you to discover.” She knew he was right on that score. And she was strong and smart and she learned fast. There wasn’t a lot she couldn’t do, once she set her mind and heart to doing it.
    What about Trevor? He was young enough that the move probably wouldn’t be as big a deal for him as it might have been—if he were already in school, if he had to leave close friends behind.
    She thought of Lani then. “My God. Lani…”
    “What about your friend?”
    “I would lose Lani.”
    “You wouldn’t lose her. A friend is a friend, no matter the miles between you—and who knows? If you asked her to come with us, she might say yes.”
    “So, Lani could come, too? If that worked for her. You wouldn’t mind?”
    “Of course not. What I know of her, I like very much. And I want you to be happy. I want you to have your dear friend with you.”
    “She might find it interesting. She writes, did I tell you?”
    “No, I don’t believe you did.”
    “She does. Right now she’s working on a novel. She might find lots to write about in Montedoro. She might enjoy the experience of living somewhere she’s never been before. Maybe she will want to come… .”
    “So, then. You will ask her.” He kissed her again, on the cheek.
    And she wanted more than that. So she turned her head enough that their lips met.
    Heaven. Just heaven, kissing Rule. He guided her back onto the pillows and kissed her some more. She could have gone on like that indefinitely. But it was after three in the morning—on what she was actually starting to let herself think of as her wedding day.
    She had a thousand things to do before they left for Las Vegas. She pushed at his chest.
    He leaned back then, enough to capture her gaze. “What is it?”
    “You really want to fly to Vegas today?”
    “Yes. That’s exactly what I want. Be my wife, Sydney. Make me the happiest man in the world. Bring your beautiful child and your excellent friend and we’ll be married today. And after that, come live with me in Montedoro.”
    She reached up, touched that soft mouth of his. Oh, she did love touching him. Lightly, she smoothed the dark hair at his temples. She loved everything about him. And she was ready, to make a change.
    To take a chance on love.
    He spoke again, those black eyes shining. “I think Trevor would thrive if we married. I know you already have so much to offer him, that you’re giving him an excellent start in life. But if we’re together, he can have even more. For one thing, you would be able to spend more time with him. You could plan the work you choose to do specifically around him, during these years when he needs his mother most of all. And I would hope that, in time, we can speak of my adopting him.”
    Was there a more fabulous man in the whole world? She doubted it. “You would want to adopt him?”
    “I would. So much. And I would hope that we also might have more children—I know, I know. I promise not to expect eight more. But maybe one or two…?”
    “Oh, Rule…”
    “Say yes.”
    She still had her hand on his chest, where she could feel the sure, steady beat of his heart. “I would need more time, here, in Dallas, before I could move to Montedoro. I have to give my partners reasonable notice. I can’t leave them scrambling when I go. I may be ready to move on, but it would be wrong to leave them high and dry.”
    “Is it possible that you could be ready to go in two weeks?”
    She gasped. “No way. Cases have to be shuffled, clients reassigned. I was thinking

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