The Pack - Shadow Games
    I was running through the woods, but not on
two feet. Instead, four paws hit the ground as I sped through the
underbrush. I was chasing something in the distance, but I would
only catch quick glimpses of the white and grey beast in front of
me as I pushed deeper into the forest. Ahead of me, a howl cut
through the brush and my ears perked up. A few seconds later and I
burst into the clearing where a naked man sat on a rock
    The man on the rock set off a wave of
arousal. Tanned skin struggled to contain the muscle underneath.
Black hair spilled onto his shoulders and framed his handsome face.
His smile was warm and inviting. In short, he was perfect. He was
the man I would marry; the man I would spend the rest of my life
    My body tingled as it began to change shape.
My paws stretched into thin fingers and my dark brown coat fell
away, revealing creamy smooth skin underneath. My back arched as my
spine straightened itself out. I felt my chest grow heavy while my
face felt like someone was pulling my skin back by my hair. As I
pushed myself up from the ground and steadied myself on two legs,
my shrinking tail waved excitedly behind me until it disappeared
    "It's a rush isn't it?" asked the naked man
on the rock.
    I smiled back and ran human hands over my
naked flesh. My fingers touched my ears and slid over my face
before patting my supple breasts and slipping down my torso on the
journey down to my round ass. No hint of wolf remained. I'd managed
my first shift from animal back to human without any accidental
    "That was amazing! And being able to share
this with you Sam... This is all I ever wanted."
    I ran towards my naked boyfriend and leaped
at him without warning. His eyes grew wide as I slammed into him
and my momentum carried us both off the rock and into the high
grass. We fell together, locked in each other's arms and laughing
as we hit the dirt. I landed on top of Sam, but with no effort on
his part and no resistance on mine, he tossed me off him before
climbing on top of me.
    Now he was straddling my stomach while
pinning my arms to the ground. I struggled against his hold
playfully, but with no intention of actually trying to escape. This
was where I wanted to be. I raised my eyebrows and licked my lips
as Sam's eyes drifted over my naked body. I lifted my head and
closed my eyes as I puckered my lips.
    Instead of Sam's mouth on mine, I felt his
tongue slide across one of my nipples. My tits hardened instantly
while my whole body tingled. I opened my eyes and stared directly
into Sam's dark brown orbs as he continued to lick and caress my
tiny pink peaks. Without warning, Sam dropped his mouth around one
of my nipples and nibbled playfully, causing me to drop my head
back as I gasped from the mixed pleasure and pain.
    "That feels so good Sam..."
    His head rose from my breasts and he smiled
at me. "I love you Liv. Never forget it."
    My heart swelled at his words, but somewhere
in the back of my mind, hesitation crept in. Sam was smiling and
the sun was shining, but I felt like a dark cloud was hanging over
us as we lay under the bright blue sky. It made no sense. Why was I
feeling this way?
    I pushed the negative feelings down and
grabbed hold of Sam tightly, pulling his body against mine. The
warmth of his skin melted through me, and any bad feelings I had
burned away. All that was left now was desire. I licked Sam's cheek
playfully as my hand reached down to find his cock. My first shift
and our wild run through the forest was enough foreplay for me.
    "Hey now!" Sam said as my hand wrapped around
his shaft. "Feeling a little frisky are we?"
    "Mmm hmm. And by how hard you are right now,
I'm guessing you’re feeling the same."
    Sam rolled us again and now I was on top of
his hard body. I ran my hands over his smooth chest before pushing
myself up into a sitting position. Sam threw his hands behind his
head and just smiled at me.
    "Really? You are just going to lay there?"

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