The Next Contestant

The Next Contestant by Dani Evans, Okay Creations

Book: The Next Contestant by Dani Evans, Okay Creations Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dani Evans, Okay Creations
turning away, I find myself brushing her hair back and holding it for her.
    “Thaaaanksss” echoes in the porcelain along with another heave. Jeesh! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone puke so much in my life. My stomach hurts for her. Note to self: Timber and alcohol… not a good combination.
    After she finally stops puking, she groans a few times. I hop up and crank the shower on. I’m not letting her wake up with puke in her hair, or smelling like it. Yeah, she’ll feel better when she wakes up in the morning, clean.
    “Come on. In the shower you go.” To my surprise, she doesn’t argue and lets me lift her off the floor.
    “Buttons. Stuuupid buttonsss,” she slurs and glances up at me. “Please? Can you—” she blinks down at her partly unbuttoned shirt and then back up at me. She’s too noodle-limbed and can’t even undress herself.
    I reach up and swallow, hard, then I fumble with her buttons, and slide the shirt off her shoulders. I wait for her to excuse me, but she’s just standing there looking at the floor and stumbles back a little. Shit . I pluck the clasp between her breasts; they spill out as her bra falls apart. Timber’s eyes are half closed and her cheeks are flushing a brilliant shade of pink. I reach down, unfasten her belt, snap open the button and unzip the zipper on the shorts I admired her ass in earlier.
    What the fuck is a guy to do! I’ve got her perfect tits right there, nice taut abdomen, which now reveals a lacy pair of thin panties… Yeah so my dick wants to play hole in one. Not good! I want to, but can’t take advantage of her. And then she surprises me by turning around and climbing… make that stumbling, into the shower. She stumbles again and dammit. That’s my cue she’s gonna need me to get in that shower with her to make sure she doesn’t fall and hit her pretty blonde head.
    I strip down to my sliders and step in. Timber jumps and a startled gasp escapes her lips. She fumbles with the shampoo bottle but it wins and slips out of her hands. We go down to grab it at the same time and our heads knock together. We laugh a little and then she leans against the wall. Fuck it. I wash and condition her hair, but my eyes have ideas of their own as I run soap over her neck, chest, around her back, to the front, over her tits. Her perfect breasts fit nicely in the cups of my hands, the pebbled nipples I’m desperate to taste, to suck on, and keep on going down to her flat abdomen.
    God! As if I need any more visual stimulation, her panties, which are thongs, the white mesh like fabric in the front is basically see-through when wet. And fuck me. She’s hairless down there! I want to pin her against the wall and penetrate the forbidden channel between her thighs. I’m dying to blaze that trail, to explore the path with skillful precision, first with my tongue then with my cock.
    Fuck no. Not good! I do a rush job on the rest of her, get her out of the shower, and wrap a towel around her at record speed. While she swishes mouth wash then brushes her teeth, I grab one for myself, rub my hair, do a quick pat dry over the rest of me and wrap the towel around my waist. I’m about ready to shuck my sliders when she leans too far forward. I catch her, grab her up in my arms. She wraps her arms around my neck, and yeah, we belong together. She just feels… right. I carry her into the room, lay her on the bed, and step in the closet to throw on a dry pair of sliders. I grab a t-shirt and pair of shorts, not that they’ll fit her, but… they’re dry.
    Ah damn. Forget the dry clothes. Timber’s already crawled to the head of the bed and somewhat slung the covers over her. A pillow is curled under her head and her hands are cupped together beneath her cheek. She looks so sweet, so innocent, and so fucking perfect in my bed. And she’s practically naked. I crawl in and lie on my side facing her. A few damp strands of her hair rest over her nose and I want to touch her so I

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