The Need

The Need by Bilinda Ni Siodacain

Book: The Need by Bilinda Ni Siodacain Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bilinda Ni Siodacain
her face. “You see Aisling, you’re not the only one who has suffered.”
    “ I know that. But at least you were given an opportunity at understanding everything. You were born into this. I wasn’t. I have always believed myself to be some type of freak. My only saving grace was that I had Jon and he was like me. Can you imagine growing up with all the normal people around you. I’ve spent my whole life trying to hide who I truly was. You’ve always known and you’ve had the support you needed. Jon and I only ever had each other.”
    “ But aren’t you glad you had that chance at a normal life? Your father loved you enough to try to give you a normal life away from here, away from the Croí. Surely that counts for something?”
    I sighed. She still believed that Jackson was good. She still believed that what he had done was for the best. I knew I didn’t have the proof I needed to show that everything he had done was for his own gain but I knew I would find it. My gut told me that something wasn’t right.
    “ Look, I’m pretty tired and I still have to try to contact Jon so I’m just going to get some sleep, ok?”I watched Natasha shrug. She wasn’t the worst. Even though she had frightened me the first night with her show of power, I understood why she had done it. I liked her and I was hoping that if I got Jon back perhaps I could be real friends with her.
    She headed for the door and I let her go. Right now I wanted to be alone with my own thoughts. Walking slowly over to the bed I sat on the edge of it as the door closed quietly behind Natasha. Listening to my heart I let my breathing slow down until it was barely rasping past my lips. Lying back on the bed I let my mind drift over thoughts of Jon. He was easy to picture in my head, but that was all it was, a picture. I wanted to be with him, to touch his skin and kiss his lips. I wanted to hear him whisper that everything would be alright.
    I closed my eyes tight and attempted to make the picture of Jon in my head more life like. If I was going to contact him then surely this was the way to go. Drawing in a deep breath I let it flow into the image in my minds eye. Power glistened along the edges of his body but still he remained flat. I pushed the power into his body harder. I was going to succeed at any cost. I watched as the power pushed against the paper image in my head. My power ran red and still I pushed.
    Something inside the image I had created of Jon snapped and my power flooded into the space.
    “ Aisling what’s going on?” His voice sent a wave of calm pouring through my body. A sigh of relief shuddered past my lips. Pain lanced through my chest and I doubled over on the bed.
    “ Aisling, what’s wrong are you alright?” The concern in his voice dragged me back from the fog of pain that enveloped me.
    “ Jon, I need you. I’m coming into my power and if you’re not with me then I could lose my mind completely.” A spasm racked my body and I tried to muffle the scream with my fist. Something had gone wrong. This wasn’t like before. Why was I in so much pain?
    “ Don’t be ridiculous you won’t lose your mind. You just need to relax Aisling, you’re safe with them.” Something that I couldn’t quite identify flickered across Jon’s face. For a second I could have sworn it was jealousy. Panic gripped me, I had to convince him of how serious this all was. He had to know how much I needed him. Surely he felt the same need to get back to me?
    “ Aisling, you need to stop being so selfish and think of others for a change. The hunters were right about you. All you do is think of yourself and I’m tired of it.” His words hit me like a slap in the face. I coughed and blood covered my hand. I just had to make him understand that I loved him.
    “ Jon, please.”
    “ Please what Aisling? Don’t say it? I’m just telling you the truth if you can’t handle it then you are more pathetic than I first thought.” The vision began to

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