The International Kissing Club

The International Kissing Club by Ivy Adams

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Authors: Ivy Adams
    Unlike Linc, who commented, “Shouldn’t you be asking a pig?” The urge to break his other hand started to bring Cass to her feet.
    Luckily, Mei saved her the trouble by saying, “If she’d asked you, she
have been asking a pig. That’s why she asked Tanner.”
    Linc’s walnut-sized brain struggled for a response. When nothing came, he elbowed Tanner and asked, “Does Germaine even wear panties?”
    Jeez, did putting a football in a guy’s hand turn him into a jerk, or was it that only jerks played football? It was an age-old riddle Cassidy had yet to solve.
    Tanner just grinned. “Nice panties, Isabel.”
    “Nice gun, Derringer,” Izzy quipped, but by then he’d already disappeared down the hall with Linc. “Damn it. Why can’t I be quicker on the uptake?” She made a disgusted face before throwing the thong back into the box.
    Piper looked disappointed that Tanner hadn’t answered
    “Okay, then,” Mei cut in. “We have other things we need to get done tonight.”
    “I hope so,” Cassidy said.
    “Me, too,” Izzy agreed.
    Mei took out her laptop. “We need to come up with avatars to go with our IKC pseudonyms—you know, something unique to each of us, but not too revealing.”
    “Definitely not pictures of us in our new underwear, then,” Izzy snickered.
,” Piper corrected. She grabbed a camera off Izzy’s desk and flicked it on. She panned around the room, focusing on Mei’s laptop case resting against her calf. Piper crouched down to shoe level and snapped a couple of shots. Then she jumped to her feet in triumph. She turned the camera around to reveal the picture to the others. The laptop bag dominated the left side of the photo, the toes of Mei’s funky Doc Martens extended beyond the edge of the bag. Studious with a dash of edgy. It was so Mei.
    “Oooh, I love it!” Piper cried in excitement.
    She hopped up and dashed for the pile of junk she carted with her to every sleepover, pulling out her brand-new pair of blue shoes. She slipped them on and gazed around the room. “I don’t have a good bag.”
    “Sure you do,” Izzy chimed in. She pointed to the vintage train case that Piper had inherited from her grandmother. It was white with pink trim and looked like a miniature suitcase. Piper stored her evergrowing stash of cosmetics in the chic little bag.
    A few minutes later, they had the perfect shot of Piper’s Smurf-blue shoes kicking above the cosmetics case.
    Cassidy’s shot was simpler: her aqua Vans against the sports duffel she usually carried to practice.
    Izzy dug in her closet to find her new favorite shoes, her Simple Mary Jane sneakers made from hemp and recycled tires. She posed them on either side of the hiking backpack she’d bought for Costa Rica.
    Once Mei had loaded all of the pictures onto the page, she looked up. “That’s done,” she said. “I can check it off my list.”
    Good. One step closer to getting the hell out of Paris. Now that Cassidy knew for sure she could pay for the trip, all this other stuff: the Facebook page, the kissing—should there be any—it was all icing.
    Especially the kissing. She glanced down at the cherry-print Cheekies—the kissing could be the cherry on top.
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Chapter 7
    If it hadn’t been for the word “emergency,” Izzy would have ignored the post on the IKC Facebook page. Piper, Mei, and Cassidy had been shooting messages back and forth nonstop since first devising the club. For a while she’d been as excited as they were, but that had all changed this past Monday when her parents had told her the news: there wasn’t enough money for her to go on the trip. When her idiot brother had broken his hand, he’d blown his shot at a scholarship from the University of Texas. Unless he had the healing powers of a superhero, he’d be out for the rest of the season and there was no way

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