The Intern, Book 1 (Alpha Billionaire Romance Series)
Chapter 1
    “ You’re a complete…, complete…” I screamed and
couldn’t come up with the word I wanted to describe my boyfriend as
tears pricked at the corner of my eyes.
    “Oh don’t be so
melodramatic, Melissa,” Jason replied. “It didn’t mean anything to
    It was the comment that
convinced me that the relationship with the man I was staring at
was over.
    “You fucking slept with
her,” I raged as my emotions got the better of me. “That means
something to me you lying, cheating bastard.”
    “It’s not like we’re
married or anything,” Jason muttered and shook his head. “And at
least I could get my arms around her.”
    The callous comment was
the final straw.
    “Fuck you,” I shouted and
stormed out of his apartment.
    There was no stopping the
tears now although that was as much to do with his cruel parting
shot as it was to the fact we just broke up. He probably didn’t
even think it was over and more than likely expected me to come
crawling back to him when I calmed down. I’d had enough of his
games though and knew for sure that wasn’t going to happen. The
relationship was always volatile and stormy right from the start,
but catching him out in a lie that proved his infidelity was too
much for me to take. He could go and fuck the skinny bitch he
cheated on me with as much as he wanted for all I cared.
    “Shit,” I cursed when I
got out of the building to find it was pouring with
    With no umbrella for
protection, I was soaked by the time I eventually got to my student
accommodation and Bella stared at me when I walked through the door
of the room we shared.
    “Couldn’t you have just
waited out the storm?” she asked.
    The water running down
from my soaked hair covered the evidence of the tears that were
still rolling down my cheeks.
    “No,” I replied. ‘”I split
up with Jason and just wanted to get away from him, so I stormed
out of his apartment into the rain and was soaked in seconds. My
mind was all over the place, so I just kept walking.”
    “I’m sorry to hear about
that,” Bella said sympathetically then changed her mind. “Well, no
I’m not really. He was an immature prick. I’m surprised you needed
so long to notice it.”
    I was unable to stop the
sobs that suddenly came out.
    “Go and have a shower
before you catch your death of cold,” Bella said firmly as she got
to her feet. “I’ll buy a bottle of wine and you can tell me all
about it.”
    I nodded my head and moved
across to the door in the corner of the room to step in the small
bathroom. Stripping off my wet clothes took away some of the chill
of a bad evening and I tried to relax after switching on the hot
water then getting under it. Jason’s nasty last comment kept
running around in my head and I looked down at my naked body. I’d
always been chubby since my early teens and never particularly
worried about being a bigger girl. During my relationship with
Jason, I tried to diet to please him because of his nagging about
how it would be better if I was slimmer. In the end I liked my food
too much and never lost any weight. Suddenly I was glad that was
the case.
    “Fuck trying to be
something I’m not just to please a man,” I let out under my
    They could take me as they
found me from now on and if they didn’t like my big, beautiful
curves then they could take a running jump. I tilted my face up to
let the jets of water pound down on it and the tears were stopped
when I got out of the cubicle. I dried myself then secured the
towel in place around my chest before leaving the bathroom to find
something comfortable to wear. I was only just finished when Bella
walked in through the door.
    “Feeling better?” she
    “Yeah, a bit,” I
    She walked to the small
closet in the corner of the room and opened it to find a couple of
big plastic tumblers. Opening the bottle, she poured the wine then
came to sit beside me on the sofa.
    “Get that down you,” she

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