The Impatient Groom

The Impatient Groom by Sara Wood

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Authors: Sara Wood
dress, set in a terrifyingly valuable platinum ring.
    Rozzano, however, had suggested when they chose it that it would be wiser if she kept it in her bag in case there was any media attention. And she’d instantly seen the sense in that. But she kept sneaking little glances at it!
    Limp, stunned and deliriously happy, she had allowed Rozzano to make all the arrangements for their trip. She knew it had been madness to accept his proposal, that he had been insane with desire, surely, when he’d asked her to marry him. But twelve hours later he still seemed besotted.
    â€˜Now,’ he purred, dipping a strawberry in Buck’s Fizz and feeding it to her. ‘We’ve got three weeks to make all the arrangements before our wedding day. Let’s start with bridesmaids—’
    â€˜Rozzano!’ she cried in horror. ‘We can’t get married that soon! It’s crazy! We don’t know each other. No, please hear me out!’ she insisted, when he opened his mouth to argue. ‘Marriage is much too important to take lightly. Six months would be more sensible—’
    â€˜Sensible! Who wants to be sensible?’
    His eyes glittered and then he lowered his lids. But she’d seen the flash of annoyance in his gaze, and the
stubborn set to his mouth. He didn’t like being crossed, she thought apprehensively.
    â€˜Marriage is for keeps, Rozzano. It would be awful if we made a mistake—’
    â€˜You’ll be marrying a madman by that time,’ he muttered. ‘I’m flesh and blood, Sophia! You don’t know how hard it is for me to hold back!’
    â€˜We...’ She moistened her lips and stared out at the Alps below, following the peaks and valleys, the icy crags punching through occasional clouds, the soft green lowland shimmering in the sunlight. ‘You’re not the only one who’s...aroused,’ she said bravely, blushing as she spoke. But she wanted him to know that she loved him enough to trust him. ‘We could...’ Her eyes pleaded with him to understand. ‘Help me out, Rozzano!’ she begged. ‘You know what I’m trying to say!’
    â€˜You mean...we can ease one another’s desires?’ he suggested delicately.
    Nervously she nodded and he closed his eyes in anguish, drawing in a huge, raw breath.
    â€˜ Four weeks, then!’ he said forcefully. ‘You can’t possibly ask me to wait any longer! We want to be together, don’t we?’
    â€˜We will be—’
    â€˜I mean as man and wife. In the fullest sense, Sophia. You know the strength of my feelings. You can’t doubt them. And think of your grandfather!’ he said persuasively. ‘He would like to live to see his great-grandchild. For his sake, we mustn’t delay!’
    Sophia wavered. His argument was convincing. She longed for Rozzano with a frightening hunger. And she had to admit that it would be wonderful for Alberto D‘Antiga to enjoy the arrival of his great-grandson. Her heart softened. This time next year she could be a mother.

    â€˜So let’s make babies as soon as we can,’ Rozzano murmured wickedly into her ear.
    â€˜Unfair!’ she protested. But he turned her face and lovingly, lingeringly kissed her mouth.
    His eyes bored into hers, making her senses swim. ‘Four weeks.’
    â€˜Four weeks,’ she agreed with a helpless sigh.
    He gave a delighted grin. ‘That’s wonderful! We’ll be perfect together, Sophia. I know we will. So,’ he said, smiling fondly at her, ‘we’d better start planning the wedding of the decade!’ His voice softened to a loving murmur. ‘Tell me your wildest dreams, my darling. I will make them come true. Every one.’
    â€˜All I need is a man who loves me and to bear his children,’ she said simply. A spasm of pain tightened his lips and she touched his hand with understanding tenderness. ‘What is it? Are you

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