The Guardian's Protector: The Chamber of Souls

The Guardian's Protector: The Chamber of Souls by Debbie Kowalczyk

Book: The Guardian's Protector: The Chamber of Souls by Debbie Kowalczyk Read Free Book Online
Authors: Debbie Kowalczyk
but Adaizi acted like she’d seen her just yesterday. Amy hesitantly went through to the back.
    ‘I’ve had a vision,’ she announced. ‘I think Ethan’s going to come here again soon.’
    ‘Oh,’ Amy said, adrenaline surging through her.
    ‘I know you don’t want me to interfere but…’
    ‘That’s right!’ Amy said, cutting her short. Realising her voice had been too sharp, Amy took a deep breath and more calmly added, ‘I don’t.’
    ‘I’ve come to remind you that you can call me if…’
    ‘Not necessary,’ Amy said, twiddling the talisman under her clothes with her thumb and forefinger. ‘I can protect Tom myself.’
    Adaizi opened her mouth to speak then reluctantly nodded. Amy felt a pang of guilt as Adaizi turned and walked into the café to warn Winston.
    Amy didn’t sleep that night. She’d always wondered if the amulet would work as a talisman to protect Tom but she never wanted to put it to the test. A mother who came to the café every Tuesday told Amy that Kate had never returned to the clinic after the incident with Tom and, even though Amy hoped they’d moved away, she knew one day they’d be back. Not knowing when drove her mad.
    Amy didn’t have to wait long to find out. The next afternoon, the café door opened and the world came to a screeching halt. There stood Ethan, holding Kate’s hand.
    With her thin black hair stuck to her cheeks, her face ashen, and her wide eyes bloodshot, Kate looked ready to star in a Gothic horror film. Ethan’s hair, now thick and black on his misshapen head, made his veined and flaky skin gaunter. As the customers gasped at the sight of them both, Ethan’s oil like eyes glared at them all like they were beneath him. Looking at the murderous expression on his face, Amy began to shake with nerves.
    ‘Hi,’ Kate said like she was Amy’s best friend. ‘Haven’t seen you for ages.’ She stepped forward and Ethan, just able to reach the handle, closed the door behind them.
    ‘I know. Err…how are you?’ Amy asked, her voice breaking with fear. Amy turned to check on Tom’s location. He sat at the tiny table on the back wall, eating his dinner with Mark. Noticing the new arrivals, Winston hurried towards Mark, striking up a casual conversation. Amy turned to face Kate again and noticed she had bruises all over her wrists and forearms. The way Ethan gripped her was the obvious cause.
    ‘I’m okay,’ Kate answered, looking anything but.
    ‘Good,’ Amy said, trying to stay calm.
    ‘How much is it to enter?’ Kate asked, jerking her thumb to the play area. Unable to think of an excuse to refuse them entry, Amy froze. Kate looked confused. ‘What?’
    ‘Nothing,’ Amy said, wearying from Ethan’s piercing gaze. ‘You…err…just look worn out, Kate, that’s all.’
    Kate lifted her fingers to the dark circles under her eyes. ‘Well…I’ve got a lot of people staying with me at the moment.’ Kate laughed, revealing four missing teeth. Amy gasped. ‘Anyway,’ Kate said, looking down at Ethan, ‘say hello to Amy, Ethan.’
    Amy’s hands began to tremble on the fake marble counter as they approached. Ethan looked to be around the same size as Tom—two and a half foot—but the way he walked, his back straight, shoulders square, made him look much bigger. ‘Hello, Ethan.’ Amy feigned enthusiasm, but her voice trembled.
    Ethan’s lips tightened with anger. The bones under his grey skin protruded and cracks and indentations broke out in his cheeks, making him look like he’d been dug from a grave and forced to have life.
    As Ethan peered into her eyes, his glare dark and bitter, Rose’s words came back to her. He knew exactly who and what he was, and he knew he possessed power. Amy could see he detested the child’s body he possessed.
    ‘He won’t smile for you,’ Kate said, shaking her head with disdain. ‘He never does. He’s a misery guts. Aren’t you?’ She shook his hand. ‘See?’ She shrugged. ‘No

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