The Great Texas Wedding Bargain
her to abandon her rules. To convince her that sharing his passion wouldn’t hurt anything.
    To give herself up to the urges he created in her, overpowering urges that took a lot of determination to counteract.
    Very carefully, she slid from beneath the covers. When he didn’t move, she opened the suitcase and gathered up the new underwear and dress and tiptoed to the bathroom. She could have her shower and be properly dressed before she ate any of the breakfast.
    And Rick could have some extra sleep in the comfortable bed, to make up for the night on the sofa.

    “R ICK ? R ICK ?”
    A warm hand on his shoulder, as well as the soft voice, slowly roused him. He rolled over and opened one eye. “Yeah?”
    “It’s eleven-thirty. We need to check out at noon. If you want a shower and some breakfast, you’d better get moving. I’ll wait in the other room.”
    Megan, dressed in the pale blue dress with small sprigs of flowers that clung to her body, as he’d imagined it would, began backing away from the bed.
    “Have you eaten breakfast?” he asked, his mind catching up with his body.
    “Yes. But there’s plenty left for you, even if it is a little cold.”
    He sighed. “Why don’t you carry the tray to the other room and I’ll join you as soon as I shower.” When she frowned, he added, “I’m not fond of eating in bed.” He could’ve added alone, because the thought of eating his breakfast beside Megan, wearing that nightgown, might’ve been fun.
    “Okay,” she quickly agreed and picked up the tray.
    As she moved toward the door, he shoved back the cover. “I’ll get the door for you.”
    She whirled around, almost losing the contents of the tray. “No! I’ll get it.”
    Oh, yeah. He’d forgotten he wasn’t wearing any pants. Megan seemed upset about that. “Okay,” he agreed, staying in place while she juggled the tray to open the door. When the door closed behind her, he relaxed once more against the pillow.
    Some wedding night. His body ached, but not for the right reasons.
    Shoving back the cover, he sat on the edge of the bed. He shouldn’t be this tired. He had gotten some sleep on the sofa, even if it had been intermittent. And the time spent in this bed had been restful.
    He was surprised he’d been able to sleep so soundly with Megan beside him. He guessed it just proved how tired he’d been. Memories of how she’d looked in that blue gown, her eyes huge, sent heat through his body.
    With a chuckle, he questioned whether it was the blue of the nightgown or the fear he’d grab her that had made her eyes look big.
    It didn’t matter. This was the last time they’d share a bed, so he might as well forget it. A shower would help dismiss those kinds of thoughts from his mind.
    A few minutes later, he appeared at the door to the sitting room, where Megan stood by the front window, her back to him.
    “I think I’m presentable now. And hungry as a bear,” he added as she spun around.
    She didn’t say anything, and she looked worried.
    “Megan? Is something wrong?”
    “No, of course not.” She hesitated, then added, “At least I hope not.”
    He moved to her side. “What is it?”
    “The four ladies, the ones you call the matchmakers, are here.”
    “They came in here?” he asked, surprised.
    “Not to our room. After I took my shower, I came in here to eat so I wouldn’t bother you. And I saw them arrive.”
    “Maybe they came to settle the bill.”
    “Probably. But I was worried that we didn’t convince the woman that everything was…was normal.”
    He thought back to the few minutes the hostess had come into the bedroom. “I think we did.”
    “But your dress shoes were in here, by the couch.”
    “She’ll probably think I was getting comfortable before we managed to get to the bed.” In fact, if it had been a real honeymoon night, his clothes might’ve been scattered all over the place, and he wouldn’t have cared.
    Megan’s cheeks heated up again. He’d

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