The Glenmore's: Caught

The Glenmore's: Caught by Susan Horsnell

Book: The Glenmore's: Caught by Susan Horsnell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Horsnell
arrived and the Christmas gathering was complete.
    “My goodness ya have a large family” Justine laughed as Ginny welcomed her with a hug and a kiss.
    “I certainly do darlin’.” Virginia agreed.
    Ben stood up and took the wrapped gifts from Justine’s arms to place under the tree. “Merry Christmas Justine” he greeted with a smile that made Justine’s legs feel weak. “Come and sit over here” Justine sat in the chair that Ben had vacated and Ben sat on the floor at her feet.
    The noise in the large parlour was deafening as everyone chatted and laughed. Justine sat quietly wondering what it would have been like to have a family of her own.
    “Tables everyone please” Alice announced; she had been busy getting all the food out with help from Nellie, Marie, Virginia and Hannah.
    Justine thought the tables looked magnificent. They were decorated with candles, which had now been lit and gave out a soft glow; red berries, ribbon bows and pine cones. The food was plentiful with chickens, beef, pork, roasted potatoes and pumpkin, carrots, green beans and various sauces and gravies. Fresh biscuits were in baskets and there were several pats of freshly churned butter.
    “Yum” said Caleb as he scrambled onto his chair and everyone agreed as they took their seats.
    The chatter continued after Joseph gave thanks and dishes and plates were passed around until everyone’s plates were piled high. Despite the chatter and laughing the food had soon disappeared.
    “Alice, Nellie, Ginny; that was real delicious. You’ve outdone yerselves this year” Joseph commented as he sat back in his chair and rubbed his belly. Everyone else wholeheartedly agreed with him and then laughed as they saw Caleb sit back in his chair and mimic his grandfather by rubbing his belly.
    “You enjoyed that son?” James laughingly asked.
    “I sure did pa; I’m right full now”
    “We have fruit cake, fruit pudding, custard and berry cobbler for dessert” Alice announced and everyone groaned. Alice laughed. “We’ll clear all this away and then bring them out later”
    “That’s a good idea Alice” Joseph agreed.
    As Alice and Nellie began to rise from the table; Justine spoke up. “Please sit ladies; I’ll clear this away for ya”
    Ben jumped up from the table and everyone looked at him. “I’ll help too”
    Justine and Ben began clearing the dishes from the tables and stacking them onto the kitchen bench. “You have a wonderful family Ben; I cain’t remember a better Christmas” Justine said from the doorway as she headed back for more dishes.
    “Justine; wait a minute please” Ben asked nervously and Justine stopped in her tracks.
    “Yes Ben; what is it?” Justine asked as he came close.
    He reached into his pocket and pulled out her gift. Justine looked down at the wrapped parcel.
    “I thought we were giving gifts after lunch?” she asked. “Yours is in the parlour. I’ll go and get it”
    Ben took her arm to prevent her from leaving. “It’s okay, I can have mine later; I just wanted to give this to ya now”
    Justine took the gift from Ben’s hand and un-wrapped it. When she opened the black velvet box she inhaled. “Oh Ben, it’s gorgeous! Thank you so much” She removed the locket from the box and held it towards Ben. “Would ya put it on me please?”
    “I’d love to darlin’.” Ben told her as he took the locket from her hands.
    Justine turned her back to him and held her hair out of the way while Ben placed it around her neck and fastened the clasp. Justine ran her hand over the locket and admired it once more. Ben turned her around and thought it looked perfect.
    Ben wasn’t thinking when he pulled Justine into his arms and began to kiss her. Justine kicked his shin and when he released her she pulled away. She then slapped his face hard.
    “I’m not one of ya pushovers Ben; leave me alone!” she screamed before she burst into tears and ran out of the house.
    “Goddamn it” Ben

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