The First Time

The First Time by Jenika Snow

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Authors: Jenika Snow
    The Virgin
Auctions, 1
    Jenika Snow
    Copyright © 2013
    The year is
2135, and young women are bid upon at the Virgin Auctions, a city-wide event
that allows wealthy men to purchase young brides for an exuberant price. These
females are prepped from a tender age to be the docile and submissive wives
that will please their future husbands. Once they are bought, they are at the
mercy of their owners.
    Chapter One
    Tonight Veronica Dubois would be rid of her virginity. For the
past three months, as she was primped, tweaked, tucked and pulled at, that was
the only thing she could think about. Since she was old enough to understand
what would happen to her on her twentieth birthday, she was prepared to be the
perfect wife for her future husband.
    Tonight was the night when she would be displayed for a room full
of wealthy men. The robe the attendants were tying around her hips would be
slowly undone and she would be on display. There would be nothing on her body
that the prospective buyers wouldn’t be able to see. There would be absolutely
no touching, and she was glad for that. She might have been trained to be the
good little submissive, but she didn’t know if she could stand and allow
strange men to fondle her while she was forced to take it.
    “You are quite the beauty, Miss.” The attendant who was as old as
her mother ran the brush once more through her brown hair. She set the brush
aside and went to the tedious task of twisting and wrapping her hair in a
dainty chignon that would showcase her neck and facial features. The attendant
left tiny wisps of hair framing her face, which only seemed to enhance her
    The fact she would no longer be a virgin frightened her, but not
as much as whom her future husband might be. She tried to focus on the positive
aspects of this chosen lifestyle, one she had no say in but was expected to
follow. The whispered sighs and squeals of the females in the auction rattled
on around her. Was she the only one that was scared of what was to come? She
just prayed she was lucky enough to have a kind and gentle man bid on her.
    “I think you are all ready, Miss. I can tell you will catch a fine
penny this evening.”
    The sound of Veronica’s heart slamming in her chest seemed
deafening in the small room. Would the bids be high for her this evening? She
prayed they would be because her family was counting on that money. That was
why they spent so much of their own time and money throughout the years making
her the perfect female for tonight. If she married into the aristocracy, her
family would be looked upon as such as well. She looked at all the other
females that stood the same as her. Their hair was piled on their heads,
showing their delicate features, and they all wore the same silk white robe.
They would walk out in a single file line and face a crowd that they couldn’t
see. One at a time they would step forward and their robes would be removed,
their bodies put on display. The auction was silent, to Veronica’s
disappointment, and they would not be able to hear the bidder’s voices. She
would not be able to gauge their age or their personality.
    She sent another prayer up that everything would work out and she
wouldn’t be stuck with an unattractive man or one far older than her. There
were horror stories of husbands four times their bride’s age.
    “Remember, ladies, this is the night you were born for. This night
will shape the rest of your lives. Remember that.” The director of her city’s
virgin auction stood before them, her bun severe at the nap of her neck, and
her glasses thin atop her beaklike nose. She didn’t need to remind them about
the importance of tonight. Veronica’s mother, Kathleen, had drilled in her head
that if she failed tonight she would not only be a disappointment to the
family, but she also would not be welcome. If she didn’t bring a high enough
bid then her family would be

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