The Dom with the Dark Eyes

The Dom with the Dark Eyes by Raven McAllan

Book: The Dom with the Dark Eyes by Raven McAllan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Raven McAllan
    Dommissimma , 6
    Raven McAllan
    Copyright © 2015
oh why was she here? Decked out like a dog’s dinner with a silver glittery mask
on that only left her eyes, nose and mouth on show, plus a long silver cape,
which covered her from neck to toes.
not much else. A silk and satin teddy and sheer black stockings, a pair of long
dangly earrings and an itch on her spine she couldn’t reach to scratch. Linsey
wriggled uncomfortably, well aware she was out of her comfort zone. She liked
leather cat suits, not ‘almost there’ undies.
that why the invite said no cat suits, no leather and cloaks made of silvery silk,
and satin only? Plus of course the mask, which along with the cape had been
couriered to her earlier in the day.
was damned sure her invite had been doctored. She was certain she’d seen both leather
and cat suits under people’s capes. But Tay was forever telling her leather cat
suits weren’t the only dress suitable for BDSM and she’d bet her favorite red one
this was his way of showing her.
hated it. The crotch of the teddy kept creeping up her butt crack, her boobs
had no intention of being confined within the silk and hold up stockings always
felt as if they were going to roll down and land around her ankles.
for masked balls? Linsey rolled her eyes as she scanned the large garden at the
home of her co-owner and his wife and unhooked one of her long dangly earrings
from her hair for the umpteenth time. How soon could she leave, go home, get
into her yellow duck pajamas, make a cup of cocoa or unscrew the rather nice
bottle of cab-sav she’d picked out as a pick me up? Then, cuddle Clarence the
cat, open the large bar of fruit and nut chocolate that was stashed in the
fridge, and curl up with a good book?
balls were the pits. She couldn’t even find someone she knew to bitch with.
how soon?
soon enough, unfortunately.
      Tay and Julia were celebrating the anniversary
of Jules—also known as Silver—being collared.
the silver theme.
and balloons decked the trees and the outside of the house, and the music was
songs like, ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon’, and ‘Silver Star’.   A barbeque had a silly notice with things
like ‘get your silverside steak rolls and silver hake sarnies here’. The plates
were silver colored, the cutlery the real thing, and the chefs wore silver
aprons and masks and nothing else.
was OTT, but as Jules had said, cheerfully, it was the one and only time they
were doing it so they might as well be naff. Plus, as she was six months
pregnant, if everyone wore capes her bump wouldn’t stand out like the specter
at the feast.
might be naff, but it was good-natured, and everyone seemed to be enjoying
themselves which, Linsey decided was nice. If only she felt the same. Usually,
she’d be in a much better frame of mind, and enjoy the evening herself, but for
some reason not tonight.
      It was, she decided, all to do with comfort
zones. Linsey hated being pushed out of hers. Unless it was by choice she
didn’t appreciate not being in charge, and at that moment in time, she knew she
was very definitely not in charge.
      So, how long before I can sneak away, and
enjoy my days off?
club—Dommissimma, one of the premier BDSM clubs in the country—was shut for the
weekend, and she intended to make the most of it. Her favorite cab company was
on speed dial, so to get home wasn’t a problem. In theory all she needed to do
was find her shoes—she’d kicked them off and she thought they were in the
nearby shrubbery—check her credit card was still inside the tiny pocket sewn
into her teddy for that purpose, and go.
Mitchell worked hard, played hard and relaxed totally whenever, whatever was
called for.
      But this was to her, purgatory. And she knew
she really couldn’t leave so soon. Tay and Jules had

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