The Doctor

The Doctor by Jennifer Bull

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Authors: Jennifer Bull
It certainly wasn’t how I remembered it. At the mention of the Doctor I felt a rush of anger. I wasn’t sure if it came from me or if I was feeling it from Daniel.
    Suddenly Daniel grabbed hold of my arm. I jumped so much I almost hit the ceiling. Okay, maybe not quite that high. I couldn’t actually see a ceiling anymore anyway.
    ‘What?’ I hissed at him, a little annoyed that I had been frightened by a simple touch to the arm.
    ‘Turn around,’ Dan said. He was staring off into the distance. I turned around. There was no door, no walls, no car on the drive. There was no drive for that matter. I had to remind myself to breathe. Why did Tez always have to be right? I spun round in a full circle, taking in the surroundings. Judging by the cold breeze, not to mention the lack of walls, we were outside… somewhere.
    The mist was starting to clear now and it was obvious that we weren’t anywhere near the old house anymore. I’m not sure where we were. The gentle lapping of water from behind suggested somewhere by the coast. The desolate surroundings told me no one lived here. Or at least very few people. Maybe only one in particular. I breathed out the air I hadn’t realised I’d been holding in. This was not what I had expected.  
    ‘Where are we?’ Daniel asked. I felt a bit guilty at having brought him with me now. This wasn’t his fight, it was mine. I felt the wolf tussle a little harder against me, and the resolve on Daniel’s face was clear. I guess the Doctor had made it his fight too when he created the werewolf inside him.
    ‘I really don’t know,’ I said honestly. I turned in a circle again, as if hoping we would suddenly be back in the old house. We were standing on rocky ground, not far from the water’s edge that was still hidden by the mist. The only light was from the moon shining down on us. I’m pretty sure it had been daytime a few minutes ago. A rainy, dark daytime, but daytime none the less. Really that should be the least of my worries, the sudden appearance of moonlight was nothing when you considered we had somehow been transported to another place entirely. Ahead of us lay a forest with a thick cloud hanging over the top of the trees.  
    ‘I think we might be on an island,’ I said at last. There was no sign of civilisation anywhere, no noises around, not even a faint light on the horizon of far away cities. Not that we could see much horizon, but an island seemed the most logical suggestion for where we stood now.
    ‘And how did we get here Mr Detective?’ Daniel asked, ‘Last thing I remember is getting out of the car outside a creepy dilapidated old house and walking in the front door of said house. I also seem to recall saying it was a bad idea.’ I did not miss the severe coating of sarcasm on his voice.
    Taking a deep breath of the cold, damp air, I turned to him, ‘No idea, but we’re here now, let’s see what’s around. I have a feeling we might find our Doctor here somewhere.’
    I heard Dan mutter under his breath, ‘You think?’
    ‘Come on Mr Sarcastic, you’re beginning to sound a lot like Tez,’ I said, taking hold of his arm and dragging him towards the forest. I didn’t think it was a very good idea to stand still for too long here. It surprised me that nothing had happened to us yet. I wasn’t about to start getting complacent.
    ‘Alright, alright, you win. Let’s go searching for the crazy doctor who likes turning people into monsters. It’s not like we can turn back now anyway,’ he gestured behind us, ‘we seem to be missing the door.’
      I laughed in spite of myself. Sarcasm did suit Daniel rather well. I’d have to keep him and Tez away from each other when we got out of here. If we got out of here. A wave of cold brushed over me as I wondered if I’d taken on more than I could handle, without a partner to back me up. Yes, Daniel was here, but how much use could a serva with an uncontrollable werewolf inside them be?
    We headed into

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