The Devil in Denim

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Authors: Melanie Scott
And Ronnie and Gio on the massage team. Not to mention three very hot new owners.”
    “Oh yes, because dating one of them would be so much better than dating a player. Nothing could possibly go wrong dating the boss.”
    “Who said anything about dating?” Hana asked. “A few nights in the sack. The big one looks like fun. And a surgeon has to know what to do with his hands.”
    Hana’s smile turned positively evil. “What? You prefer Alex? I don’t think he’d take much convincing. He had trouble taking his eyes off you last night.”
    “Shut up. He did not.”
    “Did too. I thought he and Ollie were going to fight a duel or something.” Hana batted her eyelashes. “So romantic.”
    “You’ve been watching too much historical drama again. Go wash your imagination out with soap.”
    “Nope. Not my imagination. I know the signs of a guy who has got his eyes on someone.”
    “Well, that’s too bad for him. Alex Winters is just about the last guy on earth I would want to date—or anything else your warped mind can come up with.”
    “Why? He’s smokin’. If I weren’t so very happily married, I’d do him.”
    “Han!” Maggie glanced around the parking garage, hoping like hell that Mal Coulter hadn’t had time to install any security upgrades. Like security cameras with sound. That was the last thing she needed, Alex and his two cronies hearing her best friend debating their sexual merits.
    “Maggie!” Hana parroted back. “It’s not a terrible idea. When was the last time you got laid anyway? You stopped seeing that grad-school dude about six months ago. Tell me you’ve gotten some since then.”
    “I—” Maggie stopped, thinking about it. When had it been? Evan had been more like seven months ago when she counted back. And then there’d been a blur of final assignments and exams and the end of the season and then Christmas. Of course there were fingers and vibrators but she didn’t think Hana would count those.
    “Christ, you need to get out more if you can’t even remember,” Hana said. Before she’d settled down with Brett, Hana had never gone long without a man. Maggie knew that all too well. Hana told hilarious stories about sneaking around during her Olympic prep to escape the eagle eye of her very traditional coach who believed that sex would take away from her vital energies or something. Or maybe it was that unmarried women shouldn’t have sex at all. Whatever the reason, Hana had never made a secret of the fact that she enjoyed men both in and out of bed, and she found Maggie’s ability to actually take a few months’ break between relationships somewhat mystifying.
    “Give it up, Hana. I am not going to sleep with my boss.”
    “We’ll see,” Hana said. “Let me think about other possibilities. I’ll ask Shelly. She knows everyone.”
    “God. The two of you are like a broken record. Now, are you going to let me out of the car so I can actually get some work done?”
    “Hey, you were the one banging her head on the steering wheel. I just stopped to make sure you weren’t sucking down carbon monoxide. Not a pretty way to die.”
    “Thanks. You’re all heart.”
    Hana stepped back so Maggie could climb out. She fell into step beside her when Maggie headed for the elevator.
    “Weren’t you leaving?” Maggie asked.
    “Nope.” Hana patted the huge black bag she carted everywhere. “One glove still to be delivered. And one best friend to escort through the building to make sure she doesn’t wimp out and leave.”
    “I am not going to wimp out.”
    “Good. If you play your cards right, then you can have Alex Winters eating out of the palm of your hand and you’ll be helping him run the place before you know it.”
    “Nice theory.” Maggie pushed the elevator call button and began the wait for the lift to descend. It was pretty slow even on a good day. Maybe Alex would upgrade it as part of his plans. It would be nice to be able to get upstairs in

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