The Deadliest Haunted Castle
of paper and drew a vague plan of where they had
traveled giving the exact angle and distance that they had walked
from the entrance hole for him later to find where the tomb was
actually under, and he realized there had to have been an entrance
nearby as someone would not have taken such a bulky heavy object
across any great distance. They were practical people, which he had
proven in the last castle as well.
    He searched
around looking for it above and found a large slab entrance hidden
in dirt on the above floor in front of the tomb.
    “ What’s
that?” Mitchell asked, hardly seeing him, too busy trying to find
clues on the object.
    “ I
worked out that they had to have had a nearby entrance to get that
down here ...” he replied, shoving the thin slab up and sideways,
out of the way, and examined the floorboards over it and found that
they were not nailed down there, but fixed together, and he
carefully removed them and pushed the carpet over it up, ripping
the areas of it up where it was nailed down.
    Sunlight from
outside beamed down through the above room through the entrance,
lighting everything around them, and Mitchell’s men congratulated
it and some of them left through the hole, and Bryson climbed out
to see where it was and was surprised that it was over the central
region, where it had been in the last castle.
    He searched
about for anything else but only found that it was faraway in the
opposite direction than they had been searching in, and he climbed
down to the tomb when they started to lift the lid off. Then he
wondered who was buried there and why they had been placed there?
And he gasped when he recalled all the disturbances and deaths that
had occurred there?
    “ Who
will it be?” Mitchell asked, astonished, looking at the tomb,
seeing if Bryson had any idea.
    “ I do
not know!” he replied, moving over to his side at the side of it,
standing as though he were standing at the front of an altar, which
amused Mitchell.
    As they
started to shove the thick slab covering the tomb onto the floor
Bryson examined the writing on the tomb again and cleaned away as
much dirt as he could by washing it in water, from a bottle he
borrowed from one of the men, and he started to see vague outlines
of the writing but could not fully understand it, and took photos
of it to examine afterwards.
    “ Check
that stuff later,” Mitchell moaned, amazed at the sight of the
cover of the tomb moving from the tomb.
    Something stopped the lid being shoved any
further again and they gave it a quick heavy shove pushing it only
slightly sideways, and it seemed fixed in position, and it needed
much more force to shift it or the heavy block of stone would have
to be lifted off it.
    Before they lifted it one of the men from
above climbed down with a crowbar and they used it to shift it
sideways again, and as Bryson rested and the cover went over onto
the ground his sight fell on a skeleton, and he wondered if any of
them knew it might be one of his ancient ancestors, as it could
very well have been a descendant or relative of William Randall,
his ancestor, and why he had been at the other castle in the first


Chapter 19
    The Ancient Tomb
    Most of the words on the tomb were by all
means to do with William Randall but words were missing and they
were in riddles and were only comprehensible to someone who would
have known the things that they suggested.
    The skeleton had to be someone connected to
William Randall or the original people at the castle, and it might
be the only source of any information about the occurrences and
    “ Do you get any of
it? ” Mitchell pleaded, seeing him intensely examining the words on
the tomb again, after he saw little in the tomb itself, and he had
stayed watching him crouching in front of the tomb reading over
what he could, trying to find something.
    All of it was confused, and it was turning
to a disappointment, and Bryson nodded in disagreement

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