The Dangerous Transmission

The Dangerous Transmission by Franklin W. Dixon

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Authors: Franklin W. Dixon
doctor left the room, Jax began talking. “I didn’t think they’d ever leave,” he said. “We’ve got to talk more about the tooth.”
    â€œWhat tooth?” Nick asked. “The Molar Mike? What about it?”
    â€œI want to tell Nick what happened,” Jax told the Hardys. “This guy’s got a network that won’t quit. He’s worked all over the world and has contacts everywhere.”
    Quickly Jax told Nick about the theft of the Molar Mike.
    â€œWhat did the police say?” Nick asked. “Do they have any leads?”
    â€œI’m not telling them yet,” Jax said. “I think the tooth has been taken for ransom. And if the thief thinks the police are in on this, I’ll never see the Molar Mike again.”
    â€œWhat about that guy who’s been bugging you to let him try out the tooth?” asked Nick. “That coach from Canada. He seems like a pretty good bet to me.” He told Jax about their encounter with Pierre at the Fire Pit.
    â€œAnd he did case your flat two nights ago,” Joe added.
    â€œI think you’re making a mistake by not calling the police,” Nick said. “You don’t even know for sure that you’re going to get a ransom note.”
    â€œHe does now,” Frank said, taking the envelope from his pocket. “The nurse said this came with the flowers.”
    â€œI was wondering who sent them,” Jax said. He took out the card and read the note out loud.
    â€œWhew, a hundred thousand euros,” Nick said. “That’s a lot of change.”
    â€œThe Hardys are super detectives,” Jax told Nick. “I’m counting on them to help me find the tooth before it gets on the black market. With their detecting skills and your international network, we’re bound to solve this case.”
    â€œOkay, I’m going to get right on it and see what my buddies around the world have heard,” Nick said. “In exchange, you get out of this place and help me get the exhibit ready for Sunday.”
    Nick bolted out of the room with an encouraging wave.
    â€œSo the exhibit is on anyway?” Joe asked.
    â€œYes,” Jax answered with a grin.
    â€œDo the Tower guards know you’re still working on the exhibit?” Joe asked. “I mean, they seem to think you’re an arson suspect.”
    â€œYou’re going to love this,” Jax said with a gleeful grin. “They not only checked out your dad, as you suggested, but they were so impressed with who heis, they actually called him. Apparently he vouched for my sterling character.”
    â€œThank you, Dad,” Joe said, smiling. Then he told Jax about being kicked onto the Underground tracks.
    â€œWhoa . . . hold on!” Jax jumped to his feet, then reached for the chair to steady himself. “This is getting way too serious. I don’t have any right to put you in this kind of danger.”
    â€œHey, I’m okay,” Joe assured his friend. “The sooner we get this guy, the safer we’ll all be.”
    â€œDo you have any suspects, Jax?” Frank asked.
    Jax shook his head and suddenly looked downcast. “What am I going to do, guys? I don’t have a hundred thousand euros. Everything I have is tied up in the tooth.”
    â€œWho do you think stole the tooth?” Frank asked again.
    â€œYou can start with Geoffrey Halstead,” Jax said.
    â€œThe jeweler?” Frank said, surprised. “He’s already suing you for stealing the idea from him. He doesn’t need to steal the actual tooth.”
    â€œYes, he does,” Jax reasoned. “He doesn’t have a case for his lawsuit, I can guarantee that. And I’ve heard rumors around the neighborhood shops that his business is in financial trouble.”
    â€œMaybe that’s the real reason behind his suit,” Joe offered. “He’s not in it for fame or recognition for being the

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