The Cinema Girl (The Girls)

The Cinema Girl (The Girls) by S R Vicente

Book: The Cinema Girl (The Girls) by S R Vicente Read Free Book Online
Authors: S R Vicente
The Cinema Girl
    She shifted her bum forward in her seat and leant back as she tried to get comfortable. With a large bag of sweet popcorn on her lap, she couldn’t help but smile as the light dimmed and the trailers started. She could only see a couple of heads in front of her and without counting, guessed there could be no more than five people at the most she was sharing the cinema with.
    As the opening title commenced, she stuffed a handful if popcorn in her mouth and settled into doing what she did every Friday morning. She had stopped working on Fridays three years ago. Instead of sleeping in which she strictly reserved for Sundays, she used Friday’s to watch the latest releases in empty cinemas. Most of the staff knew her well enough to say hi. The staff had even created a nickname for her, calling her Girl Friday. Steph liked her name and had rather proudly told her work colleagues about it.
    Coming here was the one part of her routine she never failed to keep. She carried on chomping away at the popcorn as she watched the opening title play. Her film knowledge was second to none. Knowing who directed what, who won what, who the writers were, who produced and who acted in what was her treasure. What she didn’t know about movies wasn’t worth knowing.
    She was a good hour into watching the film when she heard someone sit down in the seat behind her.  The seat creaked slightly as the person’s weight sunk into it. The film’s protagonist was walking in complete silence from dark room to dark room, a gun cocked in his hand as he quietly pursued the baddie. Steph could hear every deep breath of the person behind her. He, she assumed it was a he, was a heavy breather.
    Something very delicately touched her arm. Looking down with only the poor light of the movie screen, she could see two fingers that obviously belonged to the guy that sat behind her.  He was stroking her bare arm. Instinctively, she wanted to yank herself away and scream but she hadn’t. It was all rather odd but she chose not to react. Instead she sat there staring at the two fingers as they slid up and down her arm. She sat stock-still and held her breath. The light from the screen dimmed for a moment and the fingers moved towards her shoulder. Wearing a skimpy vest T-shirt, the fingers rubbed against bare skin. She felt a small wave of excitement course through her veins for a moment at the thought of what has happening to her. Steph hadn’t heard of this sort of thing before, if it had been going on she would have been the first to know.
    The fingers lingered on her shoulder blade before slowly pulling her T-shirt and bra strap down. The finger slipped them down her arm leaving them near her elbow. Her left breast was instantly exposed and in the light from the screen, she was able to see her dark and erect nipple. She resisted the urge to slap the hand away and pull her T-shirt back up. Instead she leaned back and took a deep breath. She watched as a full hand now cupped her large breast and squeezed gently. The excitement coursing through her veins went up a gear and she could feel her heart beating faster. A gun went off in the film and she jumped. The hand held her breast firm, squeezing it outwards, towards her nipple.  The hand bounced her tit up and down before pulling forcefully at her erect nipple. In the light of the film, it looked simply delicious. The thought of what he was doing to her, so dirty and rude made her feel warm between her legs.
    She felt a breath near her ear as the man leaned in close from behind her seat. “I hear you are a slut,” he whispered. She didn’t recognise the voice. She shook her head surprised. No one had ever called her that and she certainly didn’t have a reputation for sleeping around.
    “No” she whispered back. The hand pulled harder, pinching her nipple rather viciously. “Owwh,” she cried out a little too loudly. She looked round hoping that no one noticed as her breast hung

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