The Case of the Haunted Haunted House

The Case of the Haunted Haunted House by Lewis B. Montgomery

Book: The Case of the Haunted Haunted House by Lewis B. Montgomery Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lewis B. Montgomery
“Chicken fingers.” Milo pulled one off his lunch tray and looked at it. “If these are the fingers, how big is the chicken?”
    His friend Jazz laughed. “Big enough to eat
for lunch.”
    A hand reached over Jazz’s shoulder and grabbed her oatmeal cookie. She twisted around. “Hey! Give that back!”

    Grinning down at them, Jazz’s older brother Chris took a huge bite. “Better get used to it.” He handed her what was left of the cookie and headed back across the cafeteria toward his buddies.
    â€œYou haven’t won yet!” Jazz yelled after him.
    â€œWhat was
about?” Milo asked.
    She sighed. “I bet him my desserts for a whole week that our booth for Spring Thing would raise more money than his.”
    Milo stared at her. “But his class is going to run Dunk the Teacher. That booth always does the best.”
    Jazz looked stubborn. “We’ll just have to think of something better.”
    Milo thought about it as they ate their lunch. What could they come up with to beat Dunk the Teacher? “How about a petting zoo?” he said. “Everybody with a pet could bring it in. You could bring Bitsy.” Bitsy was Jazz’s potbellied pig.

    Jazz’s face brightened. Then she frowned. “Ms. Ali won’t let us. Not since Gordy hid his hamster in her desk and it pooped on a pop quiz. Remember? She said no more pets the whole rest of the year.”
    â€œOh, yeah,” Milo said.

    As they walked back to class, he had another idea. “I know! A Sleuth Booth.
We solve mysteries on the spot.”
    Milo and Jazz were detectives in training. They got lessons in the mail from world-famous private eye Dash Marlowe. With a little help from Dash, they solved real-life mysteries.
    Jazz shook her head. “What if we can’t solve a mystery on the spot? Besides, it’s supposed to be the whole class, not just you and me.”
    Good point, Milo thought. That was Jazz. Always thinking logically. It used to drive him nuts. But now he had to admit, she really was a great partner.
    Back in class, Ms. Ali clapped her hands twice. “Okay, everybody, settle down. It’s time to come up with a booth idea for the Spring Thing—”
    Brooke Whitley’s hand shot up.

    â€œYes, Brooke?”
    â€œI think we should do a makeover booth.” She tossed her long hair and smiled smugly at her friends, Emily S. and Emily B. The Emilies smiled back.
    The boys in the back of the room made gagging noises. Gordy yelled, “Makeup? No way!”
    Brooke glared at him.

    â€œGordy, that’s enough.” Ms. Ali looked around. “Any other ideas?”
    â€œBean bag toss?” Randy said.
    Someone groaned.
    â€œBalloon animals!” Spencer called out.
    â€œDo you know how to make them?” Ms. Ali asked.
    He frowned. “Well . . . I could maybe do a snake.”
    Emily B. raised her hand.
    â€œYes, Emily?”

    â€œBrooke’s idea is the best, and
think we should vote for it right now.” She beamed at Brooke.
    Milo shot a glance at Jazz. She was staring out the window, chin in hand. Probably thinking of the week of desserts she’d kissed goodbye.
    Ms. Ali sighed. “All right. All in favor of a makeover booth—”
    Jazz sat up suddenly.
    â€œWait!” she called out. “How about a haunted house?”

An excited buzz ran through the classroom.
    â€œHaunted houses are for Halloween,” Brooke said.
    â€œPlayland Park has one year round,” said Frida. “It’s my favorite ride.”
    â€œMine, too!” someone else called out.
    Brooke scowled at Jazz. “Spring Thing is held outdoors, remember? How are we supposed to build a haunted house?”
    Jazz smiled. “We don’t have to.” She pointed out the open window. “We can use the learning cottage.”
    The learning cottage was a trailer that had been used as a classroom

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