The Bond That Saves Us

The Bond That Saves Us by Christine D'Abo

Book: The Bond That Saves Us by Christine D'Abo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christine D'Abo
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance
and coaxing a little bit more out of her for the last nudge of speed, was something you didn’t forget. He’d won his fair share of shuttle hops when he was younger, years before he became administrator of Eurus. He was the best there was at the time. His parents wouldn’t have allowed anything less, even if they felt racing was beneath a boy of their station.
    “I can’t wait to take her up.” He smiled and took another bite of his sandwich.
    When her gaze slipped to his mouth, he held out the bag. “I brought enough for everyone.”
    She didn’t look up right away, lingering on his lips. Wanting to tease, he licked them and enjoyed the way she shivered before moving to take some food for herself.
    “Thanks. I better take something before Gaz gets back or there will be nothing left.”
    “Yeah, he’s a big guy. Where did you pick him up?”
    Amy giggled, shoved half the sandwich into her mouth and gave a contented sigh as she chewed. She tried to speak around the food until Sean rolled his eyes and waved her off until she finished.
    “You’ll kill yourself. Didn’t your father teach you manners?”
    “He tried. And to answer your question, I’ve known Gaz since I was a kid. Dad practically reared him, let us both join the crew when we were old enough.”
    “So he’s basically like your brother and will take my head off if he thinks I’ve hurt you?” He tried to keep his tone light, but knew he didn’t want to get on the other man’s bad side.
    Amy snorted. “If you hurt me, Gaz will be the least of your concerns. I’ll kill you myself.”

    He couldn’t help but laugh. “I have no doubt. You’re a very resourceful woman.”
    The silence which always seemed to creep between them did just then and Sean felt his body relax into it. They ate together and he caught her looking at him every now and again, usually when he was trying to sneak a peek. They did this once or twice before Amy began to chuckle. What the hell had gotten into him?
    “Enough of the giggly-girl shit,” Gaz barked at them as he stomped back toward them. “And I found mugs.”
    Sean caught the one thrown at him with one hand, smiling at the look of annoyance on Gaz’s face.
    “So are we going to sit and eat all night or fix the ship?” Gaz snatched a sandwich and kicked the toe of Sean’s boot.
    “Think you can stand to work with a slag slinger ?” He kept his gaze on Gaz, the question asked in humor but with serious intent.
    The larger man regarded him carefully before shrugging. “As long as you can handle working with a piston pumper .”
    Sean nearly spit out his coffee. “Fuck, warn a guy before you go getting all smartassed on him.”
    “Okay, boys, time to work. Unless you both want some more bonding time, in which case I’ll see you later.”
    Sean enjoyed the view of Amy’s ass when she walked away from them. The curve and sway of her hips as she moved, taut muscles all the way down to the fullness of her thighs, only to disappear beneath her knee-high boots. He knew the strength in those legs, remembered how they felt as they clenched in pleasure around his head as he lapped at her pussy and made her come. A loud clearing of a throat brought Sean’s attention back to Gaz. The younger man made a point of looking back at Amy before lifting a long finger and driving it hard into Sean’s shoulder.
    “If you do anything—”
    “I’ll hold still while you pound me into the ground.”
    “As long as we have an understanding.”
    Standing, Sean held out his hand and waited for Gaz to take it. The bone-crunching squeeze wasn’t wholly unexpected and Sean managed to keep his face free of emotion.
    “Let’s help her out before she kicks both our asses,” Gaz whispered.
    Sean lost himself in the steady stream of repairs. He wasn’t a mechanic, but knew the basics and could repair the simple systems. Everyone on a colony needed to have a grasp of rudimentary engineering, though years of being

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