The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride

The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride by Lisa Weaver

Book: The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride by Lisa Weaver Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lisa Weaver
secure on the well-guarded estate, she decided to put some space between them before she gave in to the urge to throttle him. “I’m going to take a walk around the grounds. I want to take some pictures of the gardens.”
    “I’ll join you.”
    Grrrr . The man was impossible. “I’d like a little me time, if you don’t mind.”
    “Me time doesn’t feature in the vocabulary of besotted newlyweds. They’re joined at the hip.”
    It was pointless to argue, so she grabbed her digital camera and headed for the door. He could tag along if he wanted to.
    Lauren tried to block out Rafe’s presence as she walked the gardens, surreptitiously double checking the estate’s security. Satisfied it was airtight and that Chuck Fullerton’s security staff appeared to be on top of things, she gave herself permission to focus her attention and her camera lens on a brilliant display of hyacinth blossoms.
    The gardens were a feast of color with a myriad of various perennials in full bloom. The dazzling display attracted butterflies and hummingbirds, and she captured some close-ups of them as they feasted on the blossoms.
    A vibrantly iridescent hummingbird paused in midflight to hover over a daylily blossom, his wings a blur of motion. “Beautiful,” she whispered.
    “Yes,” Rafe agreed huskily, reaching out to brush a stray tendril of hair away from her face. “Beautiful.”
    Turning to face him, she found it wasn’t the bird that held his attention. It was her. Overwhelmed by the passion in his captivating blue eyes, she forgot to breathe for a moment.
    Rafe’s intent was written all over his handsome features. Awareness buzzed between them, and she knew the prudent thing to do would be to step back. She hesitated a second too long. He took advantage of her indecision, pressing her up against a nearby tree and laying siege to her mouth.
    The coarse bark of the tree trunk scraped the backs of her thighs, but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered but this.
    Rafe’s tongue delved past her lips and she eagerly drank in the taste of him, savoring every nuance of his sensual artistry. His tongue flirted with hers, teasing, enticing, and she pressed closer. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she murmured greedy sounds of encouragement. Swept up in a sensual vortex, she wasn’t aware he’d deftly released the front buttons of her blouse and unclasped her bra until she felt the cool breeze caressing her skin.
    He was cupping the fullness of her breasts, his dark head bending to taste her, when the sound of gravel crunching under approaching footsteps brought her hurtling back to reality.
    Her face flamed at the realization that Rafe had made her completely lose sight of where she was and why she was here. Though the estate was secure, there was always the chance someone could attempt an attack. How could she have let down her guard like that? She’d agreed to pose as his wife to protect him, not to take pleasure in the moment.
    Pulling out of his embrace, she fought her way out of the sensual web he’d woven. Her fingers were clumsy as she fumbled to hastily refasten her clothing.
    She managed to pull herself back together before the couple who had intruded on their intimate moment stopped beside them. Attired in coordinating tennis outfits and with every hair on their matching blond heads perfectly in place, the pair shared an unnerving fashion-doll flawlessness. The woman’s expertly made-up eyes swept her briefly before just as quickly dismissing her to focus her full attention on Rafe.
    “Dimitriou,” the man nodded.
    “Payne,” Rafe greeted him dryly.
    So this was Milton Payne , Lauren thought. The man’s hard eyes raked over her, subjecting her to a thorough appraisal.
    “Aren’t you going to introduce us to your companion, Dimitriou?” the man inquired, flashing a brilliant saccharin smile.
    “Of course. This is my wife, Lauren. Lauren, I’d like you to meet Milton and Melanie Payne.”
    Rafe’s business rival

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