The Billionaire

The Billionaire by Jordan Silver

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Authors: Jordan Silver
with her wiles. I knew if I took her anymore
for the night she'd be very uncomfortable the next day and as hungry as I was
for her there’s now way I would hurt her. I finally exhausted the little tease
by sucking on her little kitty until she was too sensitive for anything more.
    I damn near fractured my tongue and my dick was ready
to revolt, but at least she wouldn't be too sore to walk tomorrow, of course
she saw my predicament and pounced.
    I spent a very delightful forty minutes giving her a
blow-by-blow tutorial on all the ways to pleasure me with her mouth, her hands
and finally her tits, which I felt a little guilty about. For some reason it
felt almost like I was corrupting her by jerking cum all over her tits. Her
first foray into sex and I’d practically debauched her. When I voiced my fears
to her she laughed them off. According to her, and I quote 'who else is going
to teach me silly?' Well when she put it that way I guess she had a point.
    She played with my cock, pulling and releasing him
against my stomach, squealing with laughter whenever he bounced back. She
kissed, licked, sucked and even bit me a few times playfully until I fucked her
tits, cumming all over my innocent girl's breasts and lower chin. And what did
this sensuous creature do? She wiped it all off with her fingers and sucked
them dry. The way she closed her eyes as she tasted my
essence you would swear she was a practiced courtesan.

    We slept curled around each other. I felt more
peaceful than I had in a long time if ever knowing that I’d done everything to
protect her. She was mine now all of her, everything
that she was now belonged to Gideon Thorpe. This was one powerful little girl
and she had no idea. Ashley Thorpe was now co owner of half the city at
eighteen. Shit that’s better than even I had done, it had taken me until
twenty-four to become as powerful as I am now.
    I kept getting up in the night to check on her I read
somewhere that a woman’s first time can sometimes make them a little ill. I
checked her for fever but she seemed cool to my touch. When I wasn’t making
sure that she suffered no ill effects of her husband’s plundering I just
watched her as she slept. Making promises in the dark, my heart had never felt
so full, so complete. Like all that I’d done all I’d accomplished up to this
point paled in comparison and therein laid her true power. She’d brought the great
Gideon Thorpe to his fucking knees. I finally fell asleep in the early hours of
the morning when I grew too exhausted to stay awake.
    I woke up to a playful nymph who'd already got things
started without me. Damn I must’ve been out cold.
    "Blossom...what're you doing?" I know damn
well what she was doing, I could feel what she was doing.
    My greedy girl couldn't take the time to release my
cock from her mouth so she tried to talk around it.
    "Turn around here." She gave me a puzzled look
as I tapped her hip. Oh yeah, the nymph was still an innocent.
    "This is another way to love each other." I
pulled her ass around so she straddled my head. I inspected her pussy, it
looked relatively fine, no redness or puffiness, and when I licked her she
wriggled her ass in pleasure and not pain.
    I ate her pussy until my face was covered in her
juice, running my tongue back and forth between her newly awakened sex and her
ass, she was no longer as uncomfortable with ass play, which was good.
    "One day soon I'm going to take you here." I
ran a finger down her ass, tickling her rosebud before pushing just the tip
inside her, which made her swallow more of my cock.
    I smacked her ass when it was time to switch up I
didn’t want to cum in her mouth yet. Helping her get into position I entered
her as she sat on me.
    "Ride me baby." She bit her lip in
concentration as she tested her newfound position of power. Up, down, up, down,
until she got the hang of it.
    With her ass in my hands I squeezed her cheeks pulling
and pushing her as

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