The Biker Next Door

The Biker Next Door by Jamallah Bergman

Book: The Biker Next Door by Jamallah Bergman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jamallah Bergman
Chapter One

    Once she saw the bungalow home,
Hailey Paige knew she had to have it. It was everything she had ever wanted in
her first home, a wonderful floor plan with hardwood floors and a huge back
yard nice enough for entertaining. Once the ink was on the contract, Hailey
moved right in and slowly but surely Hailey’s home started to become truly her
    Hailey had just come home from the
store unloading her groceries out of the trunk. When she came back to the car
the second time, she heard a low roar of engines coming up the street. At first
she thought that maybe it was some really fast car, but the rumbling seemed to
vibrate right through the concrete in her driveway. It was starting to get
louder, getting closer and closer to her. When she looked up the street, Hailey
saw and heard the rumbling of motorcycles.
    “What the hell is all of that?”
Hailey watched the cavalcade of motorcycles that had congregated next door,
some even parked in her driveway. The realtor said nothing about the fact that
her next door neighbors were bikers. Soon the music started to blast, people
were shouting. She only hoped they wouldn’t be there for long.
    The party continued for most of the
night. She could hear the crashing of bottles along with more shouting, laughing,
and music blasting. Hailey had had enough, didn’t these idiots know people had
to go to work the next day. All Hailey knew was that she was losing sleep by
the second dealing with all this crap. Getting up out of bed, she grabbed a
pair of sweat pants and quickly fixed her hair. “Damn I need a perm,” she
thought and ended up just brushing her hair back and putting it up in a bun as
she made her way out the door.
    Walking over cans and beer bottles
while making her way next door, Hailey was confronted by two tattooed beer
bellied good old boys. “Well, look who’s coming over here. You look good, girl,
come here and sit on my lap,” said one guy with tattoos on both arms and
wearing a leather vest.
    Hailey looked at his toothless grin
wincing at the sight of him. “I don’t think so, who owns this place?”
    “Brad does, he’s in there
    Making her way inside grimacing
through the loud heavy metal music as the mix of weed and cigarettes filled the
air. Hailey felt like she was about to suffocate as she continued looking for
this elusive Brad. Brad was busy talking and laughing it up with some of his
buddies when he heard some of the guys whistling and shouting out cat calls. He
saw someone pushing their way through the crowd. He didn’t know who it was and
was too high to realize it was a woman catching the eye of most of the men.
Sitting up on the couch, he blinked his eyes to get them to focus when he heard
her ask, “Where is Brad?”
    Was that a black chick in his house
he wondered? Where the hell did she come from? “I’m Brad, who the hell are
    “I’m your neighbor, could you
please turn down the music I’m trying to sleep?” Hailey asked watching him try
to stand up.
    When Brad finally stood up, she
raised her neck to look at him eye to eye. Honestly, he was not in the mood to
be bothered with anyone other than his boys, especially not some chick that
obviously seemed lost. She said she was his neighbor he remembered; well
whoever she was Brad had to admit she had guts to come to his place making
    Slowly he walked around her as some
of the other guys were smiling and hooting. His eyes scanned her body
carefully, he had seen black women at work even though they had always been
eyeing him. But she was the first one he had seen up close and he wasn’t disappointed
at all in what he saw before him. She looked good enough to just put over his
shoulder and take full advantage of in his room if he wanted to.
    “Listen, sweetheart, me and my crew
just got back from a long ass trip and we are winding down and having some fun.
We’ll be done in another hour or so. That is unless you want to join us for a

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