The Ascendants: Genesis
handkerchief and wiped his glasses. He looked around the room. His eyes connected with each member of the group and smiled. “When I first started this group, I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea how I was going to find you or even more so, how I was going to protect you.”
    Dr. Connors locked in on Tori. “Then I found Tori. Be it luck or sheer destiny, Tori's abilities allowed me to track down others. I was able to find people who based on her review were like-minded individuals. With every single one of you, my confidence grew, and I knew we had the makings of something really special. We stayed underground, we remained quiet, and we trained. Now granted, I've seen some pretty powerful Post Humans out there, but I've never seen a group as committed to one another as you guys are.”
    Cayde rubbed his face. He knew Dr. Connors' words were supposed to be motivational, but after the day they had, he wasn't feeling too motivated. About the only motivation he had at that moment was to leave.
    “What exactly are we supposed to do Dr. Connors? I mean your speech is all fine and dandy, but the fact remains we have a huge target on our back. How are we supposed to take on highly trained government agents and superior aliens?”
    “We do it together,” a familiar voice said.
    The group nearly broke their necks as they turned their heads towards the control room's entrance. They stared in disbelief and stood still.
    Finally, James made a move forward. He studied the individual carefully. James raised his right hand forward and reached for the individual's face, but the intended target quickly grabbed James' wrist and twisted it downward.
    “If you value that arm, then I suggest you keep your hands to yourself,” the individual said. The two shared an intense stare. Neither of them blinked or batted an eye.
    “Is it you? Is it really you?” Tommy asked.
    “Of course it's me, who else were you expecting?”
    “Pretty much anyone but you,” Cayde said.
    The individual looked at Cayde with a completely perplexed expression. “Why?”
    Dr. Connors stepped forward. His face as white as a ghost and his mouth as dry as the desert. “Because Susan, you're supposed to be dead.”

    After his battle with James, Mia, and Lucas, the red skinned alien safely retreated to his ship and returned to the dark side of the moon. He had a plethora of advanced technology at his disposal, including technology that concealed his presence from Earth's satellites and long range sensors.
    While the alien's home world was several million light years away, the moon served as his staging area. For months the alien occupied the moon, monitoring human activity and recording all of it to his superior.
    The alien grimaced slightly as he walked to his private quarters and took off his armor. He laid his stuff neatly on the nightstand next to his bed and strolled over to a small table on the opposite side of his bed. He reached inside the small compartment located on the right side of the table and took out two small devices.
    The first device was in the shape of a square. It was see-through and on the inside were a number of intricate electronic parts that would've been difficult for the majority of the people of earth and the alien's home world to comprehend.
    The alien pressed the small triangular button on the left side of the device and held it to his body. He relaxed as the device activated and quickly went to work repairing any bodily damage he suffered during his altercation with the Post Humans.
    It took all of two minutes for the device to heal his wounds. Once the device finished doing its job, the alien returned the device to its spot in his drawer and picked up the other device.
    The second device was slightly larger in size and shaped triangularly with jagged edges. Unlike the first device, this one wasn't see-through, but its insides were just as intricate as the first. The alien activated the device and

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