Tempting Aquisitions

Tempting Aquisitions by Addison Fox

Book: Tempting Aquisitions by Addison Fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Addison Fox
his tongue as he deftly took her glass from her. Abstractly, she heard the light clink when he settled it on the table next to his before his arms came around her waist. He used his mouth with tender precision, painting a path from the side of her neck up to the sensitive flesh behind her ear. “Let me love you.”
    “Yes. Oh, yes, Nathan.”
    And then there were no words as he walked them backward to the large bedroom. His mouth never left hers as his hands roamed over her, relentless in their drive to draw pleasure. Each caress of his fingertips had a wave of sensation coursing through her body, and she’d barely registered that they’d stopped when his arms came around her and the room suddenly tilted.
    “Nathan! What are you doing?” Thick muscles bunched around her back and arms as he lifted and carried her the last few feet before placing her on the bed. She managed to kick off her heels before landing on the thick, silky duvet.
    “I should have thought of that sooner.”
    “Taking off your shoes?”
    “No, silly, although that’s not a bad idea.” He toed off his own shoes as he stared down at her, his gaze scorching a path wherever he looked. “Carrying you in here like the conquering hero.”
    She lifted her arms, the move so easy, so natural, she could only marvel at it as her hands locked with his. “I’ll give you a chance to try it again later.”
    “Practice makes perfect and all that.”
    “Exactly.” She tugged on his hands. “Now would you please come here?”
    He climbed onto the bed and settled himself over her. The blue of his eyes were a deep indigo in the muted light of the room and the intensity she saw there sent a shiver straight through her chest. This was a man who knew what he wanted. Who took what he wanted each and every day.
    And he wanted her.
    To be the object of that passion was exhilarating in a way she’d never have thought possible. In that moment, her sisters’ words admonishing her that she was a woman first gripped her and wouldn’t let go. For every reason she’d given herself that being with Nathan Cooper was a mistake, in this moment, in his arms, it was absolutely right.
    She traced a path over his shoulders, her gaze hungry. He supported his weight on his forearms and the glimpse of skin she had seen as he opened the champagne bottle now cocooned the sides of her body.
    Fascinated by their differences, she lifted her hand to rest against his cheek where the day’s growth of beard scratched lightly against her fingertips. He was deeply tanned and the contrast in the color of his skin to her own was a tantalizing indicator of his vitality. This man was no desk jockey. The body that covered hers was full of thick muscles and hard edges.
    His erection strained between them, and Keira was suddenly desperate to remove the barrier of clothes so she could feel him, could run her fingers over the heat of his skin and touch every inch of those hard edges.
    She met his gaze once more and reached for his dress shirt. With a heavy tug, she dragged a fistful of material from his waist.
    “I can help you with that.” Nathan shifted his weight until he lay next to her.
    “And take away all my fun?”
    A wicked grin lit the corners of his mouth and he rolled back, his gestures exaggerated as he put his hands behind his head. “Be my guest, then.”
    Nathan pillowed his head in his hands. The casual pose belied how close to the edge he was as he gave Keira easier access to his body. If done right, sex was supposed to be intense. But this was off the charts.
    Need gripped his system like a fever as Keira’s hands played about his waist. She’d unbuttoned his shirt and had moved on to his slacks. Every effort at casual fled as her hand grazed his already overly sensitized body.
    “Let me.”
    The small smile that peeked out over her pretend pout let him know her movements had been more deliberate than accidental. The sense of fun and playfulness was an unexpected boon

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