Tearing Down Walls (Love Under Construction Series Book 2)

Tearing Down Walls (Love Under Construction Series Book 2) by Deanndra Hall

Book: Tearing Down Walls (Love Under Construction Series Book 2) by Deanndra Hall Read Free Book Online
Authors: Deanndra Hall
Tags: Drama, Erótica, Romance, Mystery, Erotic Romance
don’t care who she is. If he’s a predator, and since he orchestrated Laura’s assault I’m guessing he is, any activity he could construe as sadistic will draw him out.” Steve stood. “Everybody on the same page?”
    They all nodded. Then Vic hissed, “If I see him, can I just take him out the side door and kill him right there? Because I’m thinking that’s what I want to do.”
    “You’ll get your chance. Let’s play with him, see if we can get him to mess up. And you, my friend, get that sjambok and get to playing!”

    “You sure she’ll be okay here tonight?” Nikki asked Tony as they got ready to go out.
    “Peyton will be here with her, so she’ll be fine,” Tony assured her. “Damn, baby, you look hot!” Nikki had on a pair of skin-tight leather short-shorts and a leather lace-up bustier with a sheer black blouse over it. Her long, lean legs were bare, but very little of them showed over the tops of the thigh-high black leather stiletto boots she was wearing. “You are going to wear something over that, right?”
    “Yeah. I’m going to wear the trench coat I wore that night in Gatlinburg,” she chuckled.
    “Stop it. I’m not going to be able to walk if you keep that up,” Tony said as he tried to zip his tight black leathers over his erect cock. “Sure you don’t want to just stay here and ride this?” he said, pointing at it.
    “Yeah, I do, but we’ve got to go and help the guys. And I want to see Vic in action,” she said and winked. Hell, here we go again, Tony thought. “Come on, let’s go. My coat’s downstairs in the foyer closet.” She took off down the stairs, and then it hit Tony: Peyton was downstairs.
    “Nikki!” Tony called out after her. “Nik, you do know that . . .” At the commotion, Peyton stepped out into the foyer just as Nikki came bouncing down the stairs.
    “Holy shit,” Peyton muttered before he could stop himself as he watched her descending the stairs.
    “Hey, Peyton!” Nikki sang out, unaware of the effect she was having on him. “We’re getting ready to leave. Do I look okay?”
    “I think I’d better not say anything, because anything I could say right now would only get me in trouble,” he said, his eyes still wide.
    “Yeah, you’re probably right – it probably would.” Tony walked up behind Nikki. “Please get your damn coat and quit tormenting this gentleman, would you?” he said, reaching into the closet. When she took out the coat and put it on, he remembered the night she’d stood on the porch of the house in the mountains dressed in that coat and not much else, and he was in trouble all over again.
    “We’ll be back about one. There’s plenty of everything in the kitchen. Help yourselves. And keep her company. She’s having a rough time,” Nikki told Peyton, then hugged him.
    “I’ll take good care of her, don’t worry,” he smiled. “You guys have fun.”
    After they were both in the car, Tony looked at Nikki. “At this rate, you’ll have to suck me off just so I can get into the club without fracturing something.”
    “Entirely doable, baby,” she said and licked her lips.

    “They think they’re so damn smart, but there you are, sweet cheeks!” Cletus Wagner watched the blip on the electronic display and saw it settle in one spot. Shelbyville. What the hell was in Shelbyville?
    His phone rang and he looked at the screen. “Yeah?”
    “I’m going to that club tonight. Is there something specific you want me to do?” a female voice asked him.
    “Nope. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Let me know if you find out anything.” He hit end and put the phone back in his pocket.
    He pulled a Smith & Wesson 1911 from his bag, racked a round into the chamber, and stuffed it into his waistband holster, then pulled a pair of brass knuckles out and put them in his shirt pocket. All ready to go. He packed up his equipment and climbed into the beaten-up Chevy panel van he’d stolen from the lot full of worn-out

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