Team: Echo
everything remains watered and we could add fertilizers and
chemicals to the water pit so that the foliage can get all that it
needs. What do you think?”
    “ That could work,” he said with a nod. “Put it on a timer so
it only runs at night when it’s coolest and less likely to burn
off.” Drumming his fingers against the beer bottle he looked to
her. “I have people coming out to check the water around here,
we’ll see if it’s plausible to hit some underground stream or
    “ That sounds like a good plan. We would need to ensure that it
wouldn’t in any way interfere with the natural water table as well.
We don’t want to do anything that might contaminate our drinking
water since we run off of a well here.” Penny heard James and
Dieter talking about breaking the door down and grinned. “You might
want to give them the code now you know.”
    Looking to her he put the earpiece back in and then rolled
his eyes. “Bozo alert, you can’t break down an eight inch panel of
titanium. Go to the control panel and put in the code you morons,”
he said, before pulling the earpiece out. “I swear that they get
stuck and revert to three year olds without any of their
    She laughed at the creative cussing that her men were doing
and shook her head. “Should I let them know that you haven’t buried
me in the ground somewhere?” she asked with a smile. “That’s what
they are worried about, you hurting me.”
    “ Nah,” he shook his head. “It gives them motivation to try and
remember the eighteen digit code I gave them.” Grinning evilly he
wiggled his brows. “I’m feeling peckish, you want a sandwich while
we wait on them to get their act together?”
    “ Sounds good. Why don’t you get the meat out and I will go and
find that fresh loaf of bread that was made so that we can slice it
up and make our sandwiches out of it. Sound good to you?” Penny
began to go through the cabinets until she found the bread. “Ha,
tried hiding it didn’t he?” She asked with a smirk.
    “ Who’s that?” he asked tossing meat, cheese, lettuce and
tomatoes on the counter. Grabbing the mayo and Dijon mustard he
preferred. Moving to the counter he looked to her, “Why was that in
the cabinet?” he frowned at her.
    “ No clue.” Penny shrugged and moved to the cutting board and
pulled out the bread knife. “Someone was trying to hide the fresh
bread. No clue why but yeah. But that’s okay, we have it now and we
get the first slices.” She cut the end off and offered it to
Mikhail. When he said no she popped it in her mouth and sighed. “So
    Shaking his head at her he took the first slices and began to
slap sandwiches together. “We should likely make enough for the
brat pack too. It might pacify them enough not to go straight for
my throat. By the by, how are they doing on the code?”
    “ Good point.” She listened in and laughed. “Still cussing. Not
a single one of them can recall the code and Gareth is just
laughing his ass off. I hope that the boys don’t realize that or
else they will try to beat it out of him.”
    “ Idiots,” he put the comms back into place. “The first number
is two you jack offs,” he growled and then listened for a time.
“They are rather creative with the swearing aren’t they?” he
commented to her as they all got even louder.
    “ They really are. Remember Daisy threatened to geld them if
they taught Honey another curse word.” Accepting one of the
sandwiches from Mikhail she smiled, “Think I should get on the
comms and let my boys know that I’m okay and you are feeding me
instead of burying me?”
    “ Where the hell is the fun in that?” he asked shaking his
head. “I say we take our sandwiches and our beers and go sit and
look at the stars. We’ll leave the leftovers here for them should
they ever figure out the combination. This way we can be
entertained by the idiots and have a nice relaxing evening with
good clean and

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